2013 APS Board of Education and Bond Election

The APS Board of Education and school bond election takes place February 5, 2013. Of course, we encourage you to take advantage of early voting, which begins January 11th. Click here for a list of all polling locations for election day, as well as early voting sites.

The ATF COPE Committee interviewed candidates in contested races who returned questionnaires, and then made endorsement recommendations to the ATF Fed Rep Council on January 7th. The District 5 race is not contested, so no endorsement was made. Steven Michael Quezada will serve district 5.

The Fed Rep Council voted to endorse the following candidates:

School Board District 3: Lorenzo Garcia
School Board District 6: Paula Maes
School Board District 7: David Peercy

Other candidates (who did not receive ATF’s endorsement)

District 3: Candido Arturo Archuleta, Jr. and Leah Persons
District 6: Angela Gonzales Carver, Donald Duran and David Robbins
District 7: Larry Langley

Find more information and other district maps on the APS website.

The ATF Fed Rep Council also passed a motion to support the bond package, which will support the APS capital master plan.

2013 APS Board of Education and Bond Election

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  • James D. Robertson

    Millions and millions of dollars of the APS budget have been surreptitiously squandered while the sitting board sits by and does nothing and the ATF Fed Rep Council, who is rumored to be in the superinttendent’s pocket, righteously turns a blind eye. Teachers and employees dare not speak up for fear of retaliation – a fear that has been proved valid. Yet the union does nothing – except of course endorse the very people who are responsible for this mayhem.

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