ATF Press Conference and Protest Postcard Unveiling

Last Friday, ATF held a spectacular press conference in the rotunda of the roundhouse, which marked the culminating event for the $100…Really? protest postcard campaign. We displayed thousands of postcards to the Governor that YOU signed, letting the Governor know that we will not be silent when it comes to adequately funding our classrooms.

Earlier that morning, the PED testified to the Legislative Education Study Committee that these gift cards were “real morale boosters” for our educators. Our President, Ellen Bernstein, spoke to the reality of the situation: that a $100 gift card is an insult to all educators, who deserve to be supported, paid well, respected and taken seriously.

Our counter-narrative to the PED’s “morale booster” gift cards manifested itself in a grand display of thousands of postcards in the Capitol rotunda. Please see the pictures and video of the event below!


ATF Press Conference and Protest Postcard Unveiling

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  • Jane Avon Rose

    I would ask Skandera and her posse why there would be any need for a morale-booster in the first place, given their relentless (the word “pathological” comes to mind) denial that teachers are experiencing any negative effects whatsoever of PED’s tyrannical mandates. What say you, Hannah? Caught yourself in another lie… just like acknowledging that 7th graders have always done worse on tests while simultaneously proclaiming that their teachers are evaluated equitably by their test scores. We’re not stupid.

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