What you need to know about the budget

ATF staff and leadership have been traveling to our schools updating members about the legislative session and our Organizing for Change campaign. We wanted to share the document below so that our members have a better understanding of what’s happening with the budget this legislative session. Click here to download the document and please share this important information with your colleagues via email, in person or via social media. Our “What you Need to Know About the Budget” document can also be found on our Facebook page.

Thanks for staying informed.

We’ll see you this Monday, February 15th at the Capitol for our Rally For Public Education

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What you need to know about the budget

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  • Judy Sorenson

    As a retired employee, I am extremely interested in the NMPSIA proposal. Will it apply to those in my situation or to those still working their way towards retirement? Help!
    Judy Sorenson

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