Knowing Your Rights Pays… Literally!

It’s a good thing ATF members know their contractual rights! This summer, teachers were told they would only earn an $18 stipend for mandatory training plus one day of preparation. Teachers were additionally only going to be paid for 6.5 hours out of a 7-hour work day.

ATF filed a level one grievance on behalf of all summer school teachers. When APS refused to pay correctly, ATF escalated to a a class action level two grievance and the case went to a hearing. Teacher preparation days and professional development days were mandatory for summer school and therefore teachers must be paid their hourly rate. The hearing officer ruled in our favor, awarding all summer school teachers their owed compensation. We estimate that APS will now have to pay approximately $200,000 to summer school teachers. 

Every summer school teacher will benefit because a few teachers knew their rights and they have a union fighting with them. If you are not a member, now is the time to join.

Knowing Your Rights Pays… Literally!

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