ATF Adds S&RSP Constituent VP to Executive Council

A new seat has been added to the table! Thanks to the votes of ATF members to amend the ATF Constitution, we now have a Constituent Vice President for Support and Related Services Personnel!

As per the ATF Bylaws and Constitution, the election for this position will need to happen in May. Until then, under Section 7 of the ATF Constitution, “the Executive Council shall have power to fill vacancies in elected positions until the next May election”. ATF will send notification to our membership at least one week prior to taking action to fill the vacancy.

The Support & Related Service Personal Constituent VP will represent the following members:

Social Workers
School Psychologists
Speech and Language Pathologists
Occupational Therapists
Physical Therapists
Orientation and Mobility Specialists
Transition Specialists
Athletic Trainers

We look forward to moving the union forward with our Support and Related Services members!

ATF Adds S&RSP Constituent VP to Executive Council

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