ATF Fed Reps Act on Issues of Social Justice

In Solidarity with Standing Rock

Last month, the Albuquerque Teachers Federation passed a motion to stand in support of the Standing Rock Sioux and denounce the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. This motion adds to growing global support of Standing Rock water protectors in North Dakota, where major construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline has already begun.

The motion reads: although we support our AFL-CIO family, the creation of jobs should never be built upon the oppression of others. The motion highlights the environmentally harmful impact that the pipeline could make, but centers on Native sovereignty issues. It also highlights a resolution passed by the American Federation of Teachers that calls for a comprehensive energy policy where jobs are created to “fix existing pipelines that are insufficiently carrying oil while we transition to more sustainable energy sources.”

An amendment was added to the original text of the motion that asks ATF members to donate to the Standing Rock Legal Fund on behalf of our union.

To donate to the Standing Rock Legal Fund on behalf of ATF, please send checks payable to Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to the ATF Office, 530 Jefferson St. NE, 87108. Please send or drop off all donations by December 12, 2016. ATF will compile these donations and send them on behalf of our union.


To read the text of this motion, click here. 

Supporting the “Abolish the Racist Seal” Campaign

Also recently passed by the ATF Fed Rep Council was a resolution in support of changing the seal of the University of New Mexico. The motion, passed by the Fed Reps in September, supports the 11 demands advanced by UNM students, educators and indigenous student groups. ATF stands in support of the demands, as they will strengthen the quality of education for Native students at UNM.

The demands include the reconstruction of a Native Cultural Center, the hiring of more Native faculty and administration, the establishment of a Higher Education Council of Tribal Leaders and the abolition of racist imagery and cultural appropriation.

Read the full text of this resolution here. 

ATF Fed Reps Act on Issues of Social Justice

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