Election Message from Ellen

Dear Colleagues,

Over the last few months, we’ve poured our energy and hearts into electing pro-public education candidates to office, from the national stage all the way down our ballot. While the national election leaves us with much to organize around to continue to defend public education and labor rights in our country, we can be proud that our organizing efforts in New Mexico are a shining beacon of light.

This election, over 70% of our ATF/ATF New Mexico endorsed candidates were elected to office. That’s saying something incredible about our grassroots organizing and our connections with our community. Of those candidates we endorsed, nine ATF members or former members were elected or re-elected to serve in our legislature. With the addition of our endorsed candidates, the majority of both the New Mexico House and Senate are now pro-public education. Having educator voices as decision makers in our state will help ensure that our profession is elevated and that our students receive the resources they deserve.

This election, we joined our colleagues across the nation who chose to lift up and protect the institution of public education. In places like California, ballot initiatives were passed to bring back bilingual education and school boards were protected in places like Corpus Christi and New Orleans. We must keep in mind that organizing efforts such as these will help build our schools, from the ground-up!

While we understand it may take some time for our members to regroup from this election, we want you to know that ATF will never stop fighting for our members, regardless of who holds office- locally, or nationally.

We are union-strong and will continue to fight forward together.

In solidarity,


Election Message from Ellen

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