Feedback on Assessment Agreements

Last year, APS worked with a principal and a teacher task force to make recommendations on the assessments within the control of the district and not mandated by the PED. This year, the Principal and Teacher Accountability and Assessment Advisory Council, working with the staff of the Office of Accountability and Reporting, reached six essential agreements around assessment in grades K-12.

ATF is asking for your feedback on the following recommendations. APS will ask principals for the same. To submit your feedback, please email by January 6th, 2017. Please be sure to include your employee ID number on your email. 

APS/ ATF Essential Agreements Around Assessment in Grades K-12

1.     Essential to a quality assessment system is capacity building to support teachers in designing and using authentic assessments and capacity building for principals around assessment literacy and the appropriate uses of assessment.

2.     In keeping with the goal of maximizing instructional time, the District will mandate only essential assessments over and above those mandated by statute or rule from PED.

3.     Those few district assessments must support instructional decision making for students, reporting to parents, and support program improvement efforts at the classroom, school and district levels.

4.     Any district-mandated assessments will be aligned to standards (not curricula or programs), will be clearly communicated to teachers and principals, and the reason for these assessments articulated not only to principals but directly to teachers who are affected.

5.     District mandated and district offered (optional) assessments will be jointly reviewed and selected by principal and teacher representatives and recommended to all members of these role groups for review and comment.

6.     The current format of state mandated assessments limits their usefulness; results may be used to establish broad trends of performance but are not appropriate for individual student planning. The Councils support limiting the use of these assessments at the district-level to these described uses.

Feedback on Assessment Agreements

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