AROS Week of Action!

Thanks to our dedicated union family, ATF turned the AROS Day of Action into a WEEK of action! Pictures and highlights from this week are below.

  • Thousands of petition signatures were gathered across the APS school district to reject Betsy DeVos as secretary of Education. (Petition signed by educators, custodians, secretaries, APS Board of Education members and more!)
  • ATF leadership and members stood with our friends at El Centro de Igualidad y Derechos at the Board of Education Meeting. Our goal? To protect our schools and students and reaffirm ATF’s commitment to keeping our schools sanctuary spaces.
  • Hundreds of ATF commitment cards were gathered that pledge votes and volunteer hours for ATF-endorsed BOE candidates.
  • We powered through over 200 volunteer shifts for the BOE elections and contacted THOUSANDS of households! Only 18 days until BOE election day!

Our students and our schools are deeply cared for by our educators. Here are a few things ATF members had to say at the last board of education meeting. They stood together with El Centro in support of all of our students, to reaffirm ATF’s commitment to keeping and publicizing APS’ Save Haven policy.

“Several years ago, I sat in front of the Board to talk about creating safe space for LGBTQ students in our schools… I’m am here again to voice similar  concerns about our students and families who are undocumented… I don’t know if you can imagine trying to console an adolescent when no matter what you say, they cannot and will not feel safe. As the reality of a new [Presidential] administration making policy begins, it is so important that we continue to reassure our students and families of our commitment to provide a safe and non-threatening environment.” – Pat Halama, School Counselor and ATF member, John Adams Middle School

“Kennedy Middle School might very well have a large population on immigrants, but I could not tell you exactly how many there are or who the students are because the immigration status of our students is not an issue for my colleagues or myself. Instead, our issue is about teaching all of our students. Immigration status does become our issue when a young 6th grader comes up to you, sobbing, and tells you that she is frightened that she is going to be separated from her parents… Our students have enough on their plates. Let’s take away from their fear of being separated.” – Sara Attleson, Librarian and ATF member, Kennedy Middle School

“At my school on the day after the presidential election, there were families who withdrew students because of fear of deportation, racism or hate speech. These families said they were leaving the country. I urge the board to re-publicize their Safe Haven policy.” -Pamela Irvin, Teacher and ATF member, Kit Carson Elementary

AROS Week of Action!

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