Apply to be a TEACH Instructor

ATF is hiring two mid-career teachers to join our cadre of certified Managing Behaviors in the School Community (MBSC) trainers.  We will select one elementary and one secondary teacher from those who apply. The teachers selected will attend the national training together this summer, all expenses paid. ATF instructors are paid for attending meetings and teaching classes.

MBSC is an AFT Professional Development Course that presents the most recent and seminal research on challenging student behavior. MBSC provides educators with effective strategies for managing unwanted behavior across a variety of learning environments to promote learning. MBSC provides teachers and support staff with the information, tools, and skills they may need to prevent or eliminate challenging or anti-social behaviors and/or to manage much of this behavior when it occurs. Defining behavior, effective classroom management, using instruction to manage behavior, social competence, and behavior enhancement/reduction techniques will be explored and discussed. Strategies to de-escalate extreme acting-out behaviors and to address bullying are also subtopics of MBSC. This course takes the research to the next level for students who do not respond to basic prevention through effective classroom management.

Want to apply? Visit and look under “Issues and Advocacy” to access the downloadable application. Send completed application, a copy of your resume and a cover letter addressing your qualifications to Barbara Gonzales at no later than May 19, 2017.

If you have any questions, please contact Sonya Romero Smith at

Click here to download the application!

Apply to be a TEACH Instructor

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