May Day Rally

The Albuquerque Teachers Federation, American Federation of Teachers New Mexico, and the Albuquerque Educational Assistants Association alongside our friends at El Centro De Igualdad y Derechos, 30 local labor unions and over 40 different community organizations, will come together to hold a May Day Rally in support of immigrant communities and to highlight the good work happening within our public schools. We believe in education, not deportation and we are public schools proud!

As a growing resistance to the Trump and Martinez administrations rise, the members of the Albuquerque Teachers Federation stand united with our community on May 1st. We come together as workers, as public school educators, as students and as immigrants, to embody what May Day (International Workers’ Day) is all about: solidarity. Our public schools are our communities and our communities are our public schools. Each is strengthened with the existence of the other; the two cannot be separated.

“In the current context of national political efforts to destroy public education and tear apart our families under the guise of ‘threats to public security’, educators stand firmly in support of our students and families and our families stand in firm support of our public schools,” said Ellen Bernstein, President of the Albuquerque Teachers Federation.

“We cannot teach when our students and their families are living in fear and facing threats of deportation. Our students are not able to learn in this context,” said Sonya Romero, Elementary Vice President of the Albuquerque Teachers Federation.

Your child, my student, our community—together we are strong.



May Day Rally

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