More on Compliance Trainings

Early this week, we were ecstatic when we heard from educators that they could skip to the end of the compliance training and take the quiz. We sent out a message letting everyone know that it is a possibility. The next day, educators started responding to our initial message to let us know that yes, our original message was true, however, the module is still  “not complete” until you sit through all the videos.

We are still in communication with APS regarding letting quizzes count without watching 6.5 hours of video. Hang tight and we’ll be sure to send out another update when we find out more.

On a related note, some people were told they had to finish the compliance trainings this week. Not true. Everyone still has until Dec. 1.

Please see the memo below that our President, Ellen Bernstein sent to Superintendent Reedy on behalf of our union.

More on Compliance Trainings

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