2017-2018 ATF Contract Ratification Results

ATF/APS Contract Ratification Results:

96.5% of employees who voted chose to ratify the 2017-2018 ATF/APS contract.

3.5% voted against ratification.

During contract ratification by the Board of Education this evening, ATF President, Ellen Bernstein will share the comments you noted on the online submission form.


Click here to view a summary of the contract language changes.

Click here to view the highlighted changes in the contract.

Click here to view the 2017-2018 salary matrices.

The contract will be ratified by the Board of Education on Wednesday, August 16, 2017.



Wins this year include:

  •  New, important language about equity of voice within your collaboration time, formally known as PLC’s. ​ We’ve nixed the old PLC format that used the DuFours’ model.
  • Welcome to your union, COTA’s and PTA’s! You’re now a part of a larger family of professional educators who fight for rights and respect in our workplace!
  • Starting this year, Diagnosticians and School Psychs and Transition Specialists will be compensated for ALL years of their in-district experience in previous job categories!
  • A $1,300 differential shall be available to Therapists who occasionally lose lunch and prep time due to servicing students in specific district programs!
  • Special Education Teachers now receive individual, hourly rate compensation for completing IEP-related work in classes taught by substitutes.
  • Special Education now has an article of it’s own in the contract!

2017-2018 ATF Contract Ratification Results

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