The Albuquerque Teachers Federation (ATF) is the professional union that represents all licensed teachers and support and related services personnel in the Albuquerque Public Schools. We are currently over 3800 members strong, and continue to grow as a professional, progressive union.

ATF and the ATF Teacher Leadership Foundation provide services and programs to support teachers throughout their careers, and students throughout their education. Professional Development Dossier support and National Board Candidate support classes are some of the programs available to help teachers to move licensure levels. ATF Teacher Tutoring Services and Dial-A-Teacher provide support to students. Click on “Programs” to learn more about these and other services ATF offers.

The Albuquerque Teachers Federation is a part of AFT New Mexico and the American Federation of Teachers, which has over 1.2 million members across the United States. Our union and our affiliates work on behalf of public educators and students at the local, state and national levels.