ATF Screens Backpack Full of Cash & Speaks Truths About Charter Schools and Privatization

Last weekend, ATF hosted a community screening of the movie Backpack Full of Cash, an award winning documentary that not only uncovered privatization schemes, the de-facto segregation occurring…

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ATF Members Support Strengthening ABQ as Immigrant Friendly City

From marches against gun violence to advocating for an immigrant-friendly city, our ATF members have been incredibly active this month! Check out their testimony at the City Council meeting on…

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March for Our Lives, March for our Communities, March for Our Schools

Students from across the nation have taught us by example to hold our politicians accountable and we have a simple, 5 step lesson plan to continue their work.

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ATF Fed Rep Council Passes Resolution Against Gun Violence in Schools

During the March Fed Rep Meeting, your union’s Fed Rep Council unanimously passed a motion to support student-led actions against gun violence in our schools on March 14 and 24. Additionally, our Fed…

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Know Someone Interested 
in a Career in Teaching?

ATF is partnering with the University of New Mexico College of Education and Albuquerque Public Schools, with support from the National Center for Teacher Residencies, to create the Albuquerque…

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