Know Someone Interested 
in a Career in Teaching?

Something exciting is happening in our profession and your union is a part of its development!

ATF is partnering with the University of New Mexico College of Education and Albuquerque Public Schools, with support from the National Center for Teacher Residencies, to create the Albuquerque Teacher Residency Partnership (ATRP).

The Teacher Residency is a clinical practice opportunity for students seeking a New Mexico Teaching License, with the option to earn a Master’s Degree from the University of New Mexico. This unique program offers the following benefits:

  • A stipend to be used toward tuition, books, technology fees, or other expenses
  • The opportunity to complete coursework for the New Mexico Teaching License in just one year
  • Intense mentorship and support from Master Teachers and University faculty

The deadline to apply is April 6.

Visit for more information.

Nominate the Next ATF Fed Rep of the Year!

ATF Members, please click here to nominate a Federation Representative for the honor of ATF Fed Rep of the Year! It can be your school’s Fed Rep, or another excellent rep you know. The ATF Executive Council will consider all nominations and make a final determination, to be announced May 11th at our Annual Fed Rep Dinner.

Considerations of the ATF Executive Council Selection Committee:

  • Attendance at Fed Rep Council Meetings
  • Recruitment of new members
  • Participation in leadership activities
  • Contract language knowledge
  • Volunteerism/activism

*ATF Executive Council members are not eligible for Fed Rep of the Year.

ATF members received an electronic nomination form in early March. Members can submit nominations on our website ( through the Fed Rep of the Year Nomination story on our homepage, or by sending the Fed Rep Nomination form back via Interschool Mail to Marianna at “ATF Office” no later than April 2, 2018.

ATF Call for Nominations, ATF At-Large Officer Positions

2018 Call for Nominations, ATF At-Large Officers

AFT New Mexico’s Gubernatorial Tele-Town Hall

On January 31, AFT New Mexico held a Gubernatorial Tele-Town Hall that featured all five Candidates seeking office: Jeff Apodaca (D), Joe Cervantes (D), Peter DeBenedittis (D), Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) and Steve Pearce (R).

Before the town hall, AFT New Mexico members had the opportunity to submit their questions via a web form. With hundreds of educators on the call, candidates spent over an hour and a half answering your questions about public education and labor-specific issues, including their visions for K-12 public education, higher education, and stances on right-to-work.

After the call, members had the opportunity to leave a voicemail with their impressions of the candidates and fill out a form online. This feedback will be given to the AFT New Mexico COPE committee for their consideration during their Gubernatorial endorsement process.

We are all excited that there is less than a year until a new Governor is in the Roundhouse. We look forward to finally moving our classrooms and our profession forward without the resistance we’ve been experiencing over the last eight years.

Thanks to all of our members who participated in the call. Look out for AFT New Mexico’s Gubernatorial endorsement after the Legislative Session ends!

Highlighting Backpay

Highlighting the concerns of one of our members often leads to more information for our entire bargaining unit. That’s why we’re highlighting a recent case that we won for one of our members that resulted in us getting her $4,500 in back-pay!

Recently, a member of our union had a question about which school they should receive a differential from, since their position as choir director took place at two schools. The answer? The intent of extra-curricular differentials is additional compensation for the additional time devoted to concerts etc…Our member should receive the differential at both schools. We argued that the second school required the same number of performances as the first school, essentially doubling the after-school expectations, thus, resulting in the need for both differentials.

This is only one example of many. Know your rights. It pays…literally.

Union Activism Compels APS to Take Unprecedented Action

Last month, over 60 ATF member-educators attended the APS Board of Education meeting, speaking out about intensifying workload issues in APS. The focus of this particular "teach-in" was the new FBA/BIP process (which has gone from a few pages to over 30) and the related changes in the SAT process.

Every member of the Board expressed their support for the employees. Superintendent Reedy said, “Thank you, you’ve been heard. We’ll get together and work on this.”

After that meeting, we asked you to add your voices in an electronic petition. We received responses from over 80 sites across APS. We submitted every one of the passionate comments to the Board and the Superintendent.

This week, the Superintendent agreed to our request to form a District-level “Instruction Council” made up of APS department leaders and ATF union leaders to work on implementation planning that includes:

  • Ample time to learn about new requirements;
  • Advance time to work with the educators who will implement the changes and honestly consider their feedback about putting ideas into practice; and
  • A sincere and thorough effort to reduce former mandates and requirements.

Until that happens, we asked that all new mandates be rescinded.

Confusingly, a recent email from the APS Special Education Department to one teacher stated, “The new FBA/BIP process is best practice, NOT a requirement. So, my apologies regarding that misinformation… Again, the new form is a best practice, it is NOT a requirement.” When this information was relayed to union leaders at our recent Fed Rep Council meeting, the representatives uttered a collective gasp of astonishment, since many had already been to “mandated” training on the “mandated” changes.

At the Board meeting on Wednesday, ATF President Ellen Bernstein thanked Superintendent Reedy for this unprecedented agreement and pointed out that this is one of many issues that were expressed in the comments on the petition. She further stated, “Many questions remain. It is urgent that we clear up in writing what is, and is not, mandated as soon as possible.”

Because of the activism of our members listed below—the hundreds of additional members who contributed to the workload petition—and the leadership of ATF President Ellen Bernstein, Superintendent Reedy agreed to form a Union-District “Instructional Council.” The intent is for the council to review all current and future mandates and make joint decisions about what is implemented, how it is implemented and what unnecessary tasks should be taken off our workload. Educators know best what works for our students. We’re proud of District leadership for acknowledging this and restoring some faith in our professional judgment.

Ellen Bernstein, ATF Presiden, Dwayne Norris, Bandelier ES, Pam Irvin, Kit Carson ES,Chelsea O’Connell, John Baker ES,Loyola Cortinas, Valle Vista ES,Angela Reynolds, Diagnostician,Sara Attleson, Kennedy MS,Donna Teuteberg, Social Worker,Catherine Jaramillo, Kennedy MS,Chemain Singh, Los Padillas ES,Sonja Kortsch, Bandelier ES, Jorge Serrano, West Mesa HS,Alethea Jahn, Truman MS,Erika Foutz, Roosevelt MS,Yvonne Garcia, Social Worker,Jenn Topley, Social Worker,Robert Feuer, Highland HS,Valerie Rodgers, Social Worker,Marianna Shoberg, Van Buren MS,Kelly Gardner, Grant MS,Nadine Morales, Lavaland ES,Sean Thomas, Eldorado HS,Mary Baldwin, Highland HS,Rachel Baucom, East San Jose ES,Mary LaValley, George I. Sanchez K-8

2018 Legislative Session- ATF Powerpoint & Bill Tracker


Please keep in mind that by the time you receive this information, bills will have already moved through different committees. This information is meant to be an overview of bills moving through the Legislature and what they entail.

Click here to download the Powerpoint & Bill Tracker

ATF Timeline of Workload Advocacy Issues & Supporting Docs

Dear members,

During the February Fed Rep Meeting, Ellen presented a timeline of workload advocacy efforts leading Superintendent Reedy's agreement to form a district "Instructional Council" made up of APS admin and ATF union leaders.

Click here to download all relevant documents. Please share them with ATF members only.

ATF Teacher Leadership Foundation Gauges Interest in Educator-Led Conference

The ATF Teacher Leadership Foundation (ATF-TLF) remains committed to supporting teachers in deepening their understanding of teaching and learning; enhancing their abilities as leaders; promoting and enhancing professionalism; engaging teachers in professional conversations; and supporting student learning.  One strategy we're considering is offering the first of its kind annual conference for educators by educators.

The conference will be organized by ATF-TLF  and volunteers.  The revenues from the conference would be reinvested back into the Foundation's flagship programs.  Programs such as Great Practical Strategies, National Board Certification Support, Dossier Support, Career Pathway Support, Managing Behaviors Workshop Series, and Dial-A-Teacher.

We want to gauge interest in the conference.  Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts and ideas.

February is Black History Month

This February, start your Black History Month lesson planning with Share My Lesson’s expanded collection. You’ll find lessons, worksheets and activities to teach your preK-12 students about key events and individuals whose accomplishments continue to influence us today.

You'll also get ideas and resources for integrating African American history and culture into all aspects of the yearlong curriculum including features for literature, history, biographies of notable Black Americans, film, music, art, migration/immigration, the struggle for civil rights both past and present, racism and current events.