New Teacher Orientation. Thank You!

The ATF Teacher Orientation on August 3rd was a great success! A shoutout to everyone who donated school supplies and materials for the event, and our to AMAZING ATF volunteers who helped make this event a great success.

ATF was able to set up first year teachers for success through informative classes and FREE supplies (and a tire change) all thanks to our awesome members!


Celebrating The Working People!

Come hang out with your union family from across the city at the annual Labor Day Picnic!

Central New Mexico Labor Council Invites Everyone to the 9th Annual Labor Day Picnic, Monday September 4th at Tiguex Park. Bring your chairs, blankets, and families! Hot dogs, hamburgers, non-alcoholic drinks will be provided. Enjoy great entertainment by local bands. This event is FREE! Everyone welcome!


Where: Tiguex Park, Albuquerque

(Corner of Mountain Road & 19th St NW)
near the New Mexico Museum of Natural History, Albuquerque Museum, and Explora

When: Monday, September 4, 2017
Time: 11:00am – 2:00pm

Theme: Fun, Food, Entertainment!

Bring your banners and wear your Union shirts to show your support for Labor!!


Memo From Your Union President to APS Re: Compliance Trainings

ATF received many emails and phone calls from APS employees upset about the new system the district is using to deliver the compliance training. In response to concerns from ATF members, Ellen wrote this memo to the Superintendent and leadership of APS to request that APS postpone the requirement and look into changing the format of the video training.

More on Compliance Trainings

Early this week, we were ecstatic when we heard from educators that they could skip to the end of the compliance training and take the quiz. We sent out a message letting everyone know that it is a possibility. The next day, educators started responding to our initial message to let us know that yes, our original message was true, however, the module is still  "not complete" until you sit through all the videos.

We are still in communication with APS regarding letting quizzes count without watching 6.5 hours of video. Hang tight and we'll be sure to send out another update when we find out more.

On a related note, some people were told they had to finish the compliance trainings this week. Not true. Everyone still has until Dec. 1.

Please see the memo below that our President, Ellen Bernstein sent to Superintendent Reedy on behalf of our union.

ATF GPS: Lesson Planning for a Student Centered Classroom Series

Lesson Planning for a Student Centered Classroom

July 31, August 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
9am to 11am
ATF Office
530 Jefferson Street NE

Members Free; Nonmembers $10 per session

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Start your year off strong. Attend any or all of the following workshops with our best strategies to freshen up your teacher toolbox for the new school year. This workshop is recommended for Level 1 teachers or anyone looking to deepen their practice.

Digging Deeper into CCSS Standards
Building Strong Lesson Plans for Deeper Learning

Authentic Teacher Owned Assessments
Formative, Summative, Rubric Based, and Timely Feedback for All Learners

Student Centered Resources
Research Based Strategies to Keep Your Students Working Harder Thank You Are

Not Your District's Differentiation
Beyond Process, Product, and Content plus Engaging ELLS and Special Education

Click here to register for any of the above classes!

New Teacher Orientation 2017-2018

2017-2018 New Teacher Orientation

Welcome to your profession, your district and your union!
August 3, 2017
Sandia High School
7801 Candelaria Blvd. NE

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  • Practical classes taught by experienced teachers to get your first week off to a great start!
  • “Shop” at the ATF Educators’ Emporium for FREE teaching & classroom materials donated by other teachers!
  • Learn more about the mentor program for new teachers!
  • Meet your Superintendent, Raquel Reedy and your Union President, Ellen Bernstein!

Fed Reps: Know Your Weingarten Rights!

Do You Know Your Weingarten Rights?

As an employee represented by a union, it’s imperative that you understand one of your fundamental rights.  In 1975, the United States Supreme Court in the case of NLRB v. J. Weingarten, Inc. ruled that employees have a right to union representation at investigatory interviews or disciplinary meetings. This protection has become known as “Weingarten Rights”. These rights have to be claimed by the employee. Administrators have no obligation to inform you of your rights.

Triple digit temperatures? Your union brings the heat.

Congratulations! We all made it to Skandera's last day in office. While we're weary about Chris Ruszkowski being her replacement, we can all celebrate a little bit today. On her way out, Skandera cited our union as being her number one obstacle in trying to introduce her regressive, detrimental education "reforms" here in New Mexico. Be proud that you are part of a member-driven organization that fights for our educators, our students and our communities.

This week, AFT members across the nation, along with our strong allies, are focused on contacting senators before they vote on "Trump Care". This vote should happen very soon. If passed, Trump Care will devastate millions of Americans, particularly the elderly, those with preexisting conditions, and our students who depend on Medicaid for public school services such as OT, PT, and speech therapy.
It's important that we all stay informed and active regarding this healthcare legislation; these decisions impact our schools and our families.

We are fortunate to have Representatives and Senators that hold the line for our students and families! Be sure to send them a note with their contact information below!

  • Thank Representative Michelle Lujan-Grisham for standing strong against Trump Care! Email her at or Tweet her @RepLujanGrisham

Here's what's happening locally and across the nation:

Join the AFT New Mexico Retirees!

Your public education activism doesn't have to stop at retirement! Join the AFT New Mexico chapter of Retirees and kick-start your engagement outside of the classroom!


Click here to download the membership form!


We Did It! No More Cuts. Not. One. Cent.

Today, our Legislature finished the second special session of the year. What made the session so special this time? There were no cuts to education. Not. One. Cent. What can this be attributed to?

  • Political Activism-After months of stressing the message of “no more cuts”, our Legislative allies, the ones our member-volunteers helped elect,  stood beside us. They declared that a budget that cuts funding to education would be dead on arrival. This was a result of hundreds of calls and emails to our legislators during the regular session, and our persistence since then!
  • Resistance & Standing Strong - Our AFT National President, Randi Weingarten, came to New Mexico to stand in solidarity with us against more cuts. Maybe the analogy between Martinez and Trump’s cruel, callous and catastrophic education budgets helped.
  • What does this mean for us?- Because of our persistence in resisting cuts to education at the state level, our professionalism in working with the District as well as standing firmon our issues during negotiations, APS will turn in a budget to the PED with NO furloughs and NO class size increases.

Our ability to make it through a time like this speaks volumes about the power of our union, and today, we celebrate our collective strength.