We Did It! No More Cuts. Not. One. Cent.

Today, our Legislature finished the second special session of the year. What made the session so special this time? There were no cuts to education. Not. One. Cent. What can this be attributed to?

  • Political Activism-After months of stressing the message of “no more cuts”, our Legislative allies, the ones our member-volunteers helped elect,  stood beside us. They declared that a budget that cuts funding to education would be dead on arrival. This was a result of hundreds of calls and emails to our legislators during the regular session, and our persistence since then!
  • Resistance & Standing Strong – Our AFT National President, Randi Weingarten, came to New Mexico to stand in solidarity with us against more cuts. Maybe the analogy between Martinez and Trump’s cruel, callous and catastrophic education budgets helped.
  • What does this mean for us?- Because of our persistence in resisting cuts to education at the state level, our professionalism in working with the District as well as standing firmon our issues during negotiations, APS will turn in a budget to the PED with NO furloughs and NO class size increases.

Our ability to make it through a time like this speaks volumes about the power of our union, and today, we celebrate our collective strength.