ATF GPS (Great Practical Strategies)


The Albuquerque Teachers Federation offers teacher-created professional development created to ensure that teachers, collectively and collaboratively, have ownership of the methods and materials appropriate for teaching with depth and for student engagement.

Classes are designed to provide:

  • support to teachers so they will be able to collectively and collaboratively use appropriate methods and materials for teaching the Common Core;
  • resources for creating in-depth lessons centered around the new standards;
  • strategies that enhance student engagement.


When it comes to professional development, teachers know what teachers need. The Common Core workgroup is a professional learning community that:

  • explores the latest research in education;
  • conducts classes focused on deep learning and technology integration;
  • puts research into practice through teacher-created lessons;
  • supports quality teaching for all content areas.


We strive to make your learning relevant by addressing common issues for teachers in our district. Come for one session or monthly to be part of the continuing conversation. We will focus on:

  • Planning high quality lessons, authentic assessments, and teaching math and language arts using multiple resources.
  • Equal access to the standards for ELL and special education students while still addressing their unique needs.
  • Working with newly adopted resources, going deeper with questioning, and expanding how students show their thinking in all content areas.


All workshops meet from 4:30 to 6:30 pm at our ATF Office.

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July 31, 2017 Digging Deeper Into CCSS Standards
August 1, 2017 Authentic, Teacher-Owned Assessments
August 2, 2017 Student Centered Resources
August 3, 2017 Not Your District’s Differentiation
September 18, 2017  Poverty and Trauma
September 28, 2017 Internalized Mindset
October 10, 2017 Growth Mindset in Math
October 26, 2017 Teacher-Owned Assessment: Formative Assessments
November 30, 2017 Teacher-Owned Assessment: Summative and Performance Assessments and Rubrics
January 25, 2018 Technology Expo
February 1, 2018 Not Your District’s Differentiation: Differentiating Content
February 13, 2018 Not Your District’s Differentiation: Differentiating Process
March 1, 2018 Not Your District’s Differentiation: Differentiating Product
March 21, 2018 Feedback Series: Teacher-to-Student
April 10, 2018 Feedback Series: Student-to-Student
April 26, 2018 Feedback Series: Student-to-Teacher

Participants have said:

“Thank you for PD that is NOT canned & handed-down.”

“I have a greater awareness of helping students process math problems and solutions.”

“Great workshop!  I am new to teaching and this really helped me.”

“Thank you facilitators & ABQ ATF!”

“Brian & Sarah were clear, easy to understand, got right to the point, and presented relevant information!  Thank you!”

“Thanks so much.  You guys are great and the workshop was very useful.”

“Very knowledgeable presenters.”

“Good workshop – I’m very satisfied with my time spent with you today!”

“Very well-organized session – thank you!  Invaluable information – very relevant!”


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