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ATF is a professional, progressive union that represents all licensed teachers and Essential and Related Service Educators in the Albuquerque Public Schools.

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The Albuquerque Teachers Federation (ATF) is committed to improving the conditions of teaching and learning in our public schools while advancing the causes of social justice and democracy for our members, students and the ABQ community.

Latest News

Take Action Now on NM PED’s Proposed Rule!

NM PED is proposing rules that will change HB 130. This bill was passed and signed into law just last year expanding the school year to 1,140 hours. The new PED mandate would force all calendars to include at least 180 instructional days per school year, cutting important features of HB 130 like Parent Teacher Conferences being recognized as instructional time. Speak out NOW. Send your emails to:

ATF Union News #12: Adding Insult to Injury

The LFC and PED seem to be singing in harmony from the same old “blame the people doing the work” songbook. They are more than ready to lay 100% of the blame for “failing” schools on the backs of educators as they call for more “accountability”.
How about we focus some of the energy of NM PED and the LFC on retaining the educators we have while elevating a career in education to the place of respect it deserves? That’s how we will keep the dedicated educators we have and recruit new educators to our schools.

Success in the Board Races! Volunteers Make a Difference!

There is no union without YOU. That has never been more apparent than the Board of Education Election that just passed. ATF members and our community allies stepped up to volunteer precious personal time to make sure our candidates prevailed.

Classes + Events

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Dossier Support

The Albuquerque Teachers Federation offers FOUR levels of support for teachers and librarians writing the Professional Development Dossier (PDD).


National Board Certification Support

Thanks to our support program, APS is one of the top districts in the nation for the number of Board Certified teachers.

Educator Focused Conversations

The ATF Educator Focused Conversations cadre invites our fellow educators to join us in conversations that focus on a range of current educational issues that intersect with Social Emotional Learning, such as restorative practices, educator self-care, community building, equity, and trauma


Relational Classroom Management

Are you finding yourself completely flabbergasted with managing behaviors? You’re not alone and we’re here to help! Does this sound familiar? 

Breathe For Change

Make your well being a priority and join Tracy Nichols, Teacher-Librarian, for a blissful hour of SEL…for you! Educators, your social and emotional wellness correlates directly with your students’ welfare. The “Breathe For Change” program sets out to put educators’ health and wellness at the center by providing amazingly effective strategies to improve wellbeing. Participants will leave with a greater sense of well-being, as well as a toolkit of SEL techniques and games you can easily incorporate in the classroom.


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