The 2019-2020 APS/ATF Negotiated Agreement is ready for download here. After garnering overwhelming approval by members of our Bargaining Unit (98.4% vote “yes”) and the APS Board of Education (passed 6-1), we are happy to provide the new contract which is formatted as a searchable pdf and now has a “clickable” table of contents. It’s easier than ever to search contract language and clarify your contractual rights.

We celebrate our union’s victories as we move into the new school year. However, we still have much work left to ensure that all educators in our bargaining unit receive equal pay and work in the best teaching and learning conditions possible.  We can only achieve these goals by working together and standing in solidarity.  If you are not yet a member, now is the time to join.  If you are a member, get involved and we will work to achieve the respect our profession deserves.

The money for raises allocated during the 2019 Legislative Session was substantial, and we are grateful for the long-overdue increases for all teachers on the 3-Tiered Licensure System. The Legislature increased the 3-tiered minimum salaries for teachers to $41,000, $50,000, and $60,000. This equates to between a 10.8% and 14.3% increase. (In dollar amounts, this is about $5,000 to $6,000).

Unfortunately, this funding for educator raises was both unfair and unequal. Approximately 1,200 of the most experienced teachers in APS, and all the “other licensed staff,” were allocated less than half of that amount—they were only provided a 6% pay increase. The “other licensed staff” includes over 800 additional employees who work as counselors, social workers, nurses, interpreters, special education therapists/therapy assistants, and audiologists. These essential and related service educators provide crucial services to our students.

For more than 14 years, ATF has worked tirelessly for all Essential and Related Service Educators, and again, we are proud to have successfully negotiated salaries for them equal to their teaching peers. The equity in the 3-Tiered minimums equates to an average of $2,700 more for this role group than the state appropriated.

ATF also successfully negotiated a 7% increase for all experienced educators, diagnosticians, school psychologists, and transition specialists—over $500 more than the state allocated.

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A summary of the Changes in the APS/ATF Negotiated Agreement:

Equipment for Nurses and Psychologists

The updates to the language recognize school psychologists as a group guaranteeing basic equipment. School nurses’ equipment now includes a locking cabinet for medications!

Short term employees

Short term employees are no longer automatically “pink-slipped”. If the short term position is continuing the next year, short term employees can more easily get hired on a regular contract.

Process for lost preparation and lunch time and clean up

Outlines the process for payment for lost prep time or lost duty free lunch time. Educators that are affected need to fill out a timesheet for time lost. Timesheets are available through the payroll department and must be signed by the principal and the principal’s supervisor.

Higher Ed Experience Clarification

Clears up language for calculation of higher ed experience and allows for adding multiple years of experience to qualify as towards the 570 hours (one year).


Changed to DFA rate to match practice.

National Board Certified Educators Differential

Updated to $6,848.11.

Updates to Instructional Council language

Updates language and clarifies discretionary budget funded positions. Re-establishes Special Education At-Large Instructional Councils.

Changes to Mentor/PAR Programs

Clarifies language of length of PAR requirements. Clarifies differentials for mentor teachers. Added language to include the PAR Coordinator in decisions for each specific recommendation to help ensure it is the correct action for that individual teacher. Mostly clean-up changes.

Updates to the Career Pathway System

Changed the name from Support and Related Services Personnel (S&RSP) to Essential and Related Service Educators (E&RSE). The new title, E&RSE, more accurately reflects the impact and contributions to students. Our counselors, social workers, nurses, interpreters, SLPs, OTs, PTs, Audiologists, and Orientation and Mobility Specialists are all highly valued educators! Language added to allow 90% employees(COTAs and PTAs) to move up the Career Pathway System.

Streamlined payment for special education teacher case overload.

Removes previous language requiring teachers to fill out timesheets in order to get paid for additional services. Language added to streamline payment process for additional services. The new language no longer requires teachers to fill out timesheets. Instead, overload compensation will be calculated four times per year and teachers will automatically be paid in four lump sums based on caseloads as reported in Synergy.

Waiver for over 3 preps in High School

Language added to provide an official form for secondary teachers who agree to teach more than three preps. This agreement must be on a yearly basis and the form must be filled out each year.

Updates to leaves language

Adds language to include great-grandchild, great-grandparent, niece, and nephew as immediate family members. Adds language about when sick leave starts and can be used. Language added to include passed legislation (SB157) that provides a process of converting unused sick leave to earned service credit.

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Appendix A: Salary Matrices

(Posted in separate PDF)

Appendix B

Discontinuation of Waiver on Class Size Requirements for SY 2019-2020

Appendix B

Discontinuation of Waiver on Class Size Requirements for SY 2019-2020

Appendix I.1

2019-2020 Professional Development Days and Teacher Preparation Day

Appendix I.10

Agreement to work on SLP and Social Worker Caseload Overages

Appendix I.19

Agreement to phase in Athletic Trainers to a 1.0 FTE over 3 years. 

Appendix I.33 New Advisory MOU

New language establishes two Task Forces on Advisories, one for middle school and one for high school.

Appendix I.34 MOU addresses the new Teacher Leader Facilitator positions

Language describing the job duties and requirements assigned to the three levels (district, zone, site). Provides guidelines for differentials, number of positions, and elections of the Teacher Leader Facilitator position.

Appendix I.35

An agreement to update and increase many of the pay differentials.

Appendix I.37

An agreement to create a Task Force to research, evaluate the potential impact, and present recommendations Paid Parental Leave


Thank you to our ATF Negotiations Team:

Ellen Bernstein, ATF President

Sean Thomas, Executive VP, Eldorado Hs

Chelsea O’Connell, Treasurer, John Baker ES

Dwayne Norris, Membership & Involvement VP, Bandelier ES

Tanya Kuhnee, High School VP, Eldorado HS

Jason Krosinsky, Middle School VP, McKinley MS

Sonya Romero Smith, Lew Wallace ES and Loyola Cortinas, Valle Vista ES Elementary School VPs

Angela Reynolds, Support & Related, Services Providers VP, NE Diagnostic Center