ATF COPE Celebrates Victories In 2020 Legislative Races!

ATF COPE Celebrates Victories In Legislative Races!

During this election cycle, our members stepped up to make copious phone calls, send text messages, participate in contactless literature drops, and vote in record numbers. Thank you, ATF volunteers, for all of your hard work to keep pro-public education and pro-labor friends in Santa Fe!

ATF members rallied to protect and elect leaders at the state level who believe in our mission! From our list of endorsed candidates, we welcome back to the Roundhouse: Senators Lopez, Ortiz y Pino, O’Neill, Padilla, Ivey-Soto, Sedilla Lopez, Stewart, Tallman and Candelaria, and House of Representatives Romero, Martinez, Roybal Caballero, Garcia, Hochman, Armstrong, Chasey, Williams Stapleton, Sariñana, Ely, Thomson, Trujillo, Lewis, Matthews, Stansbury, Garratt, Figueroa and Bash.

In addition, we welcome newly elected Senators Brenda McKenna, Katy Duhigg, Martin Hickey, and Harold Pope along with Representatives Brittney Barreras and Meredith Dixon.

We were sorry to lose in two of our 15 Senate endorsed races and four of our 24 House endorsements. In those six seats, all candidates were running against incumbents and the incumbents prevailed. We were proud to endorse Claudia Risner, Paul Baca, Jessica Velasquez, Julie Ford Brenning, Gary Tripp and Billie Helean.

The New Mexico 2021 Legislative Session begins January 19th. However, legislation may be pre-filed starting January 4th, with the deadline for legislation introduction Feb. The session ends March 20th.

ATF and AFT-NM will be working closely prior to the session to ensure the legislation being introduced regarding public education issues  are clearly written and will produce the outcome we know will benefit our students, educators, and communities.

While we have incumbents with whom we’ve worked closely and will continue to hold an open door, we know their attention is held by those who contact them regularly. Our new Senators and Representatives will need to be educated more thoroughly on our issues. We will be calling on members to contact their legislators when bills are being that impact our students and our profession.

You can find your legislators here: