ATF Educators’ Emporium- Donate classroom materials!

Once again, we’re teaming up with the AFT NM Chapter of Retirees for our annual donation drive for the ATF Educators’ Emporium.

What is the Educator’s Emporium? Each year, ATF collects useable classroom materials from retiring teachers and educators who are cleaning out their classrooms or offices. Throughout the summer, the ATF Organizing Team sorts the materials and our union distributes them to incoming educators at the New Teacher Orientation in August.

Drop-Off dates for useable materials:

Friday May 24, 10a-2p

Wednesday, June 12, 10a-2p

Thursday, July 18, 10a-2p

We’ll be there to help you unload! We’ll even have some snacks and lemonade, compliments of our AFT NM Retiree chapter!

Please be conscious of the items you are donating and ensure they are useable— no textbooks, handmade lesson plans or Teachers’ Editions.

Questions? Email