May Day Rally Success!

The May Day rally with our community partners was a huge success! Over 40 different community organizations, over 30 local unions and over 200 local businesses signed on to the event, which was attended by thousands of community members, union brothers and sisters, educators, students and families.

Thank you to our members who served on the May Day committee and volunteered their time for this important event! We had SO many compliments about our individual school banners. Many folks said it was a powerful visual to see our educators standing together in solidarity that day, in support of education, against deportation and with pride in our public schools.

¡Adelante juntos! Forward together!

ATF Constituent VP Election Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in our union’s process of democracy by voting for their Constituent Vice Presidents! Your new officers are as follows:

Support and Related Services VP: Angela Reynolds
Elementary School VP’s: Loyola Garcia 
 & Sonya Romero Smith
ATF Middle School VP: Jason Krosinsky
ATF High School VP: Tanya Kuhnee

Interested In Teaching Teachers?

ATF is hiring two mid-career teachers to join our cadre of certified Managing Behaviors in the School Community (MBSC) trainers.  We will select one elementary and one secondary teacher from those who apply. The teachers selected will attend the national training together this summer, all expenses paid. ATF instructors are paid for attending meetings and teaching classes.

MBSC is an AFT Professional Development Course that presents the most recent and seminal research on challenging student behavior. MBSC provides educators with effective strategies for managing unwanted behavior across a variety of learning environments to promote learning. MBSC provides teachers and support staff with the information, tools, and skills they may need to prevent or eliminate challenging or anti-social behaviors and/or to manage much of this behavior when it occurs. Defining behavior, effective classroom management, using instruction to manage behavior, social competence, and behavior enhancement/reduction techniques will be explored and discussed. Strategies to de-escalate extreme acting-out behaviors and to address bullying are also subtopics of MBSC. This course takes the research to the next level for students who do not respond to basic prevention through effective classroom management.

Want to apply? Download the application. Send completed application, a copy of your resume and a cover letter addressing your qualifications to Barbara Gonzales no later than May 19, 2017.

If you have any questions, please contact Sonya Romero Smith.

Isotopes Educator Appreciation Night!

Save the date! May 26, 2017

$9/person for educators and our families! Promo Code: Educator

Level I Teachers: We have a class for you!

Managing Behavior in the School Community
Created Especially for
1st, 2nd, and 3rd Year Teachers

Tuesday, June 6th and Wednesday, June 7th

9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Click here to register!

This workshop is free to ATF members/$100 for nonmembers

530 Jefferson NE, 87108

Attendees will:

  • Gain a comprehensive view of managing classroom behavior that promotes academic success and social-emotional growth.
  • Investigate a variety of behavior management strategies and the research behind them.
  • Create a personalized classroom management system.
  • Build a network of support with union colleagues.

Teachers must attend the 8 hours in order to access all workshop resources.

Refreshments provided.

Contact Sonya Romero ( ) or Leila Pochop ( with questions.

Solidarity Trumps Deception

At this point in the state budget crisis, every one of us has been deluged by a steady stream of misinformation from the governor, eagerly spread by local media. This calculated deception creates doubt and suspicion in the public about those who have dedicated their lives to education. Perhaps worse, this dishonesty has the destructive effect of pitting various groups within the education community against each other in the scramble to find solutions.

A case in point is K-3 Plus and the recent cuts to that essential program. The local paper blamed APS for cutting funding to this program. Nothing could be further from the truth. APS cannot cut funding for the program because the Public Education Department (PED) controls 100% of the dollars for K-3 Plus. This is another example of a lie being circulated in a blatant attempt to discredit APS.

In another harmful act, the PED attempted to cut bilingual education to the detriment of our communities. Once again, media outlets came to the rescue and spread the deception that it was an APS decision to cut back these services to deserving students. It now seems that the only reason for local media to exist is to create cover for the governor and the PED.

In this strange new era of distraction and deception, we should not be fooled by voices intent on dividing us. Stand together with your union and don’t fall for the deception of false blame.


Ruszkowski faces myriad challenges as head of PED

Chris Ruszkowski’s ascension to the position of acting head of the New Mexico Public Education Department has received notable attention in the Albuquerque Journal.

Ruszkowski was welcomed with an editorial, “A teacher is at head of the Public Education Dept. Class,” pointing out that, unlike his predecessor, he was a classroom teacher for three years. An op-ed from a former student in Florida, “Ruszkowski is a game-(c)hanger,” heaped praise on “Mr. R,” a teacher she fondly remembers from his two years in Florida. However, not everyone praised him. A letter to the editor, which the Journal titled, “PED needs more than a clone,” expresses doubts about his qualifications and implies that education in New Mexico needs to take a new direction.

read the full article at the ABQ Journal Online »