ATF: Students In the Center: Great New PD Sessions for the Spring

The ATF Students in the Center Cadre would like to invite you to a series of conversations that will give you an opportunity to share ideas and learn from your peers. Please join us to discuss a range of topics that intersects SEL with topics such as resilience, mindfulness, substance use & stigma, intersectionality, and […]

Let’s Use Our Stimulus Checks To Combat Hunger! Feed Our Families Now!

If the COVID-19 Pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s that educators can and will rise to meet and conquer any challenge. While we were fortunate to stay on our jobs (despite the hardships that entailed) and have security in our incomes, APS educators went above and beyond to help our students, their families, and […]

2021 Legislative Session Analysis

The 2021 Regular Legislative Session is history now. But the bills that passed, failed, or were set aside for another day will continue to shape the educational landscape of New Mexico. Here is a brief summary of the legislative outcomes. State budget: Near the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, state economists projected a nearly $1 […]

Teach Real History! Teach Women’s History Month!

It speaks volumes about the precarious equity situation in our nation and world that we must devote a month to exploring the history of half the people on the planet who are responsible for giving life to all of the people on the planet. But here we are: March is Women’s History Month. Since the […]