Students in the Center: A Project of the Albuquerque Teachers Federation

In recent years, our students have been coming to us with more and more social and emotional needs. This is especially compounded by life in a pandemic. As educators, we know that it is extremely important that we work to build relationships with our students while conducting remote learning.

Do you need support in further developing and building your skills to address the emotional and social well-being of your students during remote learning?

If so, your union is here to help. Students in the Center: A Project of the Albuquerque Teachers Federation is a cadre of educational professionals who will work throughout this year to support you and your students.

We’ve carefully researched and are now suggesting a few resources that might be helpful to you in fostering these relationships. Take a look at our first set of lesson plans, tip sheets, and resources developed for you with a focus on creating relationships via remote learning.

ATF Classroom Kit: Creating Relationships via Remote Learning

Take a look at Creating Relationships via Remote Learning – an ATF Classroom Kit designed to help you navigate this new era of remote learning. From webinars and online games, to hand selected articles and lesson plans. Check it out! »

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