I consider it important, indeed necessary, for intellectual workers to get together, both to protect their own economic status…and to secure their influence in the political field



No matter your political party affiliation or preference, if you’ve worked in public schools, you know that everything – your salary, classroom materials, the curriculum you teach, etc. – is tied to politics.

The ATF Committee on Political Education (COPE) is funded by voluntary contributions* from ATF members. COPE is actively involved in local, state and national politics. We are constantly working for the best interests of public education, our colleagues, our students and the future of labor unions.

Get involved COPE Events

COPE meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month. Interested? Email

What Does COPE Do?

ATF Unified COPE is the Committee on Political Education. This working group of union member volunteers from ATF, AFCP and the AFT-NM Retirees carries out ATF’s important political work, including:
  • Voter education
  • Candidate screening and endorsement
  • “Get Out the Vote” activities
  • Campaign support for endorsed candidates
  • Developing an ongoing lobbying program and communication with legislators
Membership dues are not used for ATF’s political activities. Your voluntary regular contribution of any amount to ATF Unified COPE will help your union remain successful in electing candidates who support public school educators and their communities.

COPE Contribution

One of the most important ways members can become involved is to make a voluntary additional contribution to the Committee on Political Education (COPE). We invite you to join ATF Unified COPE with a regular contribution of your choice and get active to support political candidates that support us. Download the COPE application » or join below.

I am already a member of the Albuquerque Teachers Federation. I’d like to join the ATF Committee on Political Education (COPE) or increase my current contribution to COPE.