Follow Bills That Impact Your Career With ATF Bill Tracker

30 days fly by like a whirlwind during a busy Legislative Session. It can be difficult to keep up with bills that are important to our careers.

Thankfully, your union makes it easy to stay up to date on the progress of key legislation by sending regular updates during the session.

Now, you can follow up on updates and see all the bills ATF is following at a glance.

The Albuquerque Teachers Federation takes stances on bills that deal with pedagogy, workers’ rights, funding for public education, and social justice. Click the link below to see our regularly updated bill tracker.

Access the ATF Bill Tracker

There are some very important bills moving through the legislature designed to help recruit and retain educators. It’s imperative that ATF Members take action to contact your legislators and ask them to support these bills. You can read bills in their entirety and find your legislators at

How Can You Maximize Your Voice in the Legislature? Join the ATF COPE Committee!

The NM House and Senate vote on the education budget and education laws. This directly impacts your pay and your work with students. In New Mexico, our schools are funded by the State Equalization Guarantee (SEG). That means all the money that schools receive flows from the state government. That is why we must elect a Governor and Legislature with whom our union can work.

Your COPE committee recommends endorsements of legislative candidates to the Fed Rep Council. These candidates share our belief in public education and workers’ rights!

Don’t Delay! Join or Increase Your COPE Dues Today!

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