Volunteer Now To Elect a Board That Supports You!

Volunteer Now To Elect a Board That Supports You!

Together, we have the power to make APS a great school district for all students and the educators who serve them. Let’s stand in solidarity to elect a Board of Education that supports our public schools and the workers who make them great. We also know that our schools need money to improve our infrastructure. That’s why your union asks you to vote FOR the Capital Mill Levy and Bond questions on the ballot this Fall.

This election won’t win itself. YOU must help to get out the vote!

ATF, AFCP and AFT NM Retirees, talk to your friends, family, and neighbors about the importance of electing these candidates and voting in favor of releasing money to help our schools without any new taxes. Then, volunteer  to make phone calls to other union members and/or drop literature for the candidates here.

Board of Education Election

You are in control of your own work conditions and the future of this district because you get a say in who sits on the APS Board of Education… you know, the people who sign your paycheck and decide whether or not to approve your Negotiated Agreement. Board members make decisions on how to spend the district’s money and they choose and evaluate the superintendent.

Our union endorses candidates for the Board who will fight for our public schools, educators’ rights, and our students.

Our unified COPE committee endorsed 4 stellar candidates for the open Board seats: Jinx Baskerville, Uche Maria Ohiri, Josefina “Josie” Dominguez, and Julie Brenning. Watch video interviews with the candidates and read their bios below.

Each of these candidates has pledged to be an indomitable champion for their community and to fight for equity for ALL students. Furthermore, the endorsed slate brings diverse perspectives to our Board of Education as they hail from varied professional and cultural backgrounds.

2021 Bond and Mill Levy Questions- See the Fact Sheet here!

Here’s a short video message about the importance of voting YES on the Bond/Mill Levy questions from ATF President Ellen Bernstein.

Voter approval of this Bond and Mill Levy package will directly provide the APS Capital Master Plan with a projected $630 Million for these improvements and equipment over six years. The APS Capital Master Plan will boost the local economy by generating millions of dollars in construction activity each year and improve educators’ working conditions which are students’ learning conditions. THE BOND/MILL LEVY QUESTIONS DO NOT CONTAIN A TAX INCREASE.

Here’s the Election Timeline:

  • October 5, 2021- Last day to register to vote in this election.
  • October 5, 2021 – County clerks begin mailing Absentee Ballots
  • October 16-30, 2021- Early Voting and Same Day Registration
  • October 28, 2021 – Deadline for Absentee Applications to be received
  • October 29, 2021 – Last day county clerks can mail absentee ballots
  • November 2, 2021 – Election Day 7am-7pm


Jinx Baskerville- District 3 (see map)

Watch a short video from Jinx explaining why she is running for APS Board and the progress she hopes to make in our district.

Check out Jinx’s campaign events here. 

Jinx Baskerville is a career advocate for students, having served as a Special Education educator in Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) for fifteen years, and as the Principal of New Futures, a school for pregnant and parenting teens, for twelve years. As principal of an innovative alternative high school, Jinx opened the doors to fathers, achieved 5-Star status for the school’s child care center and successfully advocated at the state legislature with students and nonprofit organizations to increase the rights of pregnant and parenting students in our public school. Jinx utilized an undeveloped piece of land on the grounds of New Futures to start a community garden that became a food source and peaceful gathering space for students, their babies, and staff members, as well as an outdoor teaching and learning space for students and educators. She was one of the first principals in APS to make her office a Safe Zone for LGBTQ students. She stablished the first Ethnic Studies and Native American Studies classes at New Futures. She opened her school to have Know Your Rights workshops for students who were undocumented.

Uche Maria Ohiri- District 5 (see map)

Here’s a short video from Uche explaining why she’s running for Board and her goals for our schools.

Check out Uche’s campaign events here.

Uche is a 24-year member of her Westside Albuquerque community and has answered the call to serve many times in her life. Now, she is running for the Albuquerque Public Schools Board of Education District 5 after being asked by several educators in her community. She emigrated from Nigeria, where she benefited from a robust public education. She will bring a unique perspective to the Board. She believes public education is a human right, and not a business. Uche will always stand for our public schools, our students, and our educators.

Uche is a mother of two, a wife, an immigrant, and an activist in her political party as well as in her neighborhood. She has an extensive background in the legal and medical professions. She currently works as a nurse practitioner in Albuquerque. She will bring diversity to the Board as the first Black APS Board member. She believes that Albuquerque’s diversity needs to be celebrated and embraced in our schools. She strongly believes equity must be at the forefront of every decision made by the APS Board.

Josefina “Josie” Dominguez- District 6 (see map)

Here’s a video message from Josie about why she’s running and what she hopes to achieve as a Board member.

Check out Josie’s campaign events here.

Josie is a retired educator who not only taught in APS but also six other districts. She taught both English and Spanish. Josie was elected in the 1990s as ATF’s High School Constituents’ Vice-President. She is running for the APS Board because she wants to be a voice and advocate for District 6 students and families. Josie supports equity in learning. She will work at promoting respect for our profession.

Josie believes strongly that the Board must oversee responsible and transparent budgeting. She believes that it is the job of the Board to learn about the process of oversight and identify system failures. Josie understands that there is a great concern in the community about the shortage of teachers, the need for higher salaries, and a lack of classroom resources. She knows that these concerns require more funding from the state. She pledges to lobby legislators along with Albuquerque Teachers Federation to address the lack of funding.

Josie knows that healthy collaboration between educators and administration will bear fruit. As a former teacher, she fully understands that educators need to be involved in any changes that impact their day-to-day working conditions, curriculum and methods promoted as improving instruction.

Julie Brenning- District 7 (see map)

Here’s a video message from Julie on why she’s running and her goals.

Check out Julie’s campaign events here.

Julie is running for the Board of Education because she believes in community and knows that she has the experience to bring the community together to solve the challenges we face in Albuquerque Public Schools. She believes that public education is the bedrock of our democracy. Julie understands that family income is the number one predictor of a student’s academic success. She has a background in working for community schools and she understands their value to our students’ education.

Julie plans to support our students’ and schools’ unique needs. She is concerned with the shortage of educators and she would like to create some plans for recruitment. Julie has proven to be an effective policy analyst and has worked on solving real challenges in our community. She is committed to the continual improvement of our schools. Julie has led many committees that have included an array of our community leaders in order to solve problems. She will bring everyone to the table. Julie will hear the voices of our educators, administration, students and community to solve our challenges.

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