December Fed Rep Follow-Up

Clarifying Attendance Changes

Educators will now take attendance daily just as we would in person.

  • The default code for students each day for each period will be on Synergy.
  • If a student attends your synchronous meet that day (camera on or off), you don’t need to click anything.
  • If a student is absent for your synchronous meet that day, you will click the box next to their name one time.
  • If a student misses your class but makes up that time or work, you have the choice to go back in and click next to their name one more time and change their attendance code to “present asynchronous.” This is at the teacher’s discretion.
  • The general guidance is that students must attend 51% of synchronous time to be counted as present. This is to prevent students who only show up for a few minutes from being

We know that some folks still have questions about how this will play out at their school sites.
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Understanding APS’s New Hybrid Plan

At the November 18th Board meeting, APS administration presented their “Updated Re-Entry Plan” that will govern any return to a hybrid teaching/learning model. The plan emphasized that any return to hybrid en masse would be contingent on Bernalillo County being designated as “green” for 2 weeks according to:

  • Rate of spread and number of cases
  • Number of tests per day and positivity rate
  • Contact tracing and isolation capacity
  • Statewide health care system capacity
  • PPE availability

If these criteria are met, educators would then have 2 weeks to plan for a transition to a small group hybrid model. The district vowed to support social and emotional learning and established teacher/student relationships by minimizing disruption to elementary class lists and secondary master schedules. To accomplish that, the small groups that enter hybrid would be from your current class and you would teach them concurrently with the rest of your class who remain in remote.

The first step in hybrid learning would be a phase-in of pre-K and Kinder classes returning to campus in very small groups. Then, 1st-3rd grade small groups. After that, 4th and 5th grade classes would return in small groups. If conditions continued to improve, it would trigger a secondary phase-in of Middle and High School students returning to their campuses in small groups.

Keep in mind, the earliest possible date for small groups of young children to start in person school would be mid-January, and that is if, and only if, Bernalillo County has been green for 2 weeks.

We applaud APS Administration for basing this new re-entry plan on science. We thank the Board for approving the plan based on staff and student safety.

Please remember that we are far from meeting the minimal gating requirements at this time, so we will return after Winter Break in an online distance learning model.

Download or read the Re-entry Plan online »
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