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Dial-a-Teacher program aims to help students, parents with homework




Emily Jaceks for KOB4
November 08, 2018 07:51 AM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – For a handful of local teachers, the school day isn’t over when the last bell rings. They’re working the phones every night, helping students in every grade and every subject struggling with their homework.

“We even have some CNM and UNM students calling in who have used it since they were in elementary school, so they are keeping us as a resource,” says Oscar Maldonado, Director for Dial-A-Teacher.

People from all over can use the service.

“We’ve got calls as far away as New York City, Tampa, Florida, Tennessee because we are open at a time when most things down there are closed,” Maldonado said.

And it’s not just students. Maldonado said as the curriculum gets tougher, parents stumped by their children’s homework need a helping hand as well.

“Because I know a lot of times, even with the new programs, it’s the way things are structured and worded that can be difficult for parents to understand. And we have people on staff that are trained in these programs to help,” Maldonado said.

It’s all with the goal of student achievement, creating those a-ha moments, so students don’t fall through the cracks.

“We know that our classrooms tend to be large. in high school they’re between 34 and 40, that’s pretty common. but when they call, they can call us one-on-one and we can focus on the one student and identify where those gaps might be,” Maldonado said.

Putting them on the right track to success, and a lifetime of achievement.

If you need homework help, it’s available Monday through Friday and it’s completely free. Just call 344-3571