District Proposes Insurance Premium Increase in 2019

APS announced that insurance premiums will increase in January. The proposed premium increases vary depending on the category of coverage in which the employee has enrolled. For example, an individual employee would see a $6.13 increase per pay period, while a Family Plan (Employee + 2 or more dependents) would have a $16.55 increase for each pay period. The increases will start with the January 4, 2019 paycheck.

It’s important to note that APS is “self-funded” for its medical, prescription drug, dental and vision plans. That is, the District pays all claims for each plan, not the benefit carriers. APS receives a legislative appropriation for its benefit plans, which is not always sufficient. This situation reflects a nationwide problem of health coverage costs increasing at a double-digit rate.

On the heels of our first raise in four years, it’s disheartening to see some of that hard-earned increase get gobbled up by rising insurance costs. And while everyone received a gross pay increase of at least $76.92 per check, it would sure be nicer to keep every needed cent.

ATF has developed a chart showing the current (2018) premium amounts compared with the proposed 2019 premiums for each category of coverage. The insurance premium dollar figures are shown “per pay period” as well as on an “annual” basis.

Click here to download the 2018/2019 Medical Premium Comparison Chart