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Earn Your Master’s Degree at UNM

Dr. Cheryl
Graduate Coordinator

Interested in working on your Master’s degree? UNM is offering MA Degree programs for practicing teachers. These programs are designed to be flexible to fit your busy schedule. You can earn the following degrees:

MA in Secondary Education (for licensed teachers) Find out more »
MA in Elementary Education (for licensed teachers) Find out more »
MA with a focus on Reflective Practice (MARP) (for licensed teachers). This is a popular option because candidates can complete the MA Degree in 5 semesters.
– for Secondary Education: Find out more »
– for Elementary Education: Find out more »
Online Master of Arts Degree in Elementary or Secondary Education with a focus on Teacher Leadership (for licensed teachers). Find out more »

Remember that there are two ways for educators to move from Level 2 to Level 3 in New Mexico: earn a Master’s Degree or achieve National Board Certification.

For more information, contact:
Dr. Cheryl Torrez, Graduate Coordinator 
Teaching and Learning Graduate Coordinator
Dept. of Teacher Education, Educational Leadership and Policy
(505) 277-1169

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