Evaluation Changes

The New Mexico Public Education Department’s (PED) Teacher Evaluation Task Force recently released recommendations and information about the interim teacher evaluation system. These changes are for this year only. The intent is to allow PED to gather input from the Task Force and other educators and take time to design a just and equitable evaluation system that is useful and transparent to serve New Mexico educators for many years.

The evaluation system will not be called NMTeach anymore. For now, it is called the NM Interim Feedback & Observation Plan. Administrators will use the Frontline Education Employee Evaluation Management system (the same website from last year) to enter and score observations, artifacts, and Professional Development Plans (PDPs). The observations are to include “actionable and timely feedback” to teachers. The PED’s memo says that this is to “ensure that we are promoting teacher growth and development throughout the feedback processes”.

The “effectiveness” labels of the Martinez Administration will no longer be used. They will be replaced with 4 new classifications: Innovating, Applying, Developing, and Not Demonstrating. The former 5thcategory, “Exemplary,” has been stricken from the system because the elements were not observable classroom practices. NMPED is recommending that teachers in Levels 2 & 3 have a minimum of one observation per year and Level 1 teachers have a minimum of two observations per year. Districts may add additional observations as they deem necessary. PED is telling districts that there will be three required “walkthroughs” that focus on feedback around the elements of the domains and the observation rubric, but these will not be scored as part of teachers’ summative evaluations.

Each educator’s completion of a yearly PDP is still an important requirement. The rubrics for each domain have also been released and can be viewed here:

NMPED is finalizing the calculation for summative scores and plan to have this completed by September 9th. Training for new administrators is scheduled for September 11-13.

Here are the components of the Evaluation System, as delineated in the NM PED memos and the domains that pertain to each:

  • Required Walkthrough # 1 (Domains 2 & 3) is to be completed in the first 45 days of the school year or the first 45 days of employment.It should ideally be performed before the PDP is due. “Actionable and Timely Feedback” should be the name of the game on all three walkthrough observations, affording educators the opportunity to improve their practice with no threat of “the got ya”. The scores captured on this form will NOT be included as a part of the teacher’s summative evaluation.
  • Professional Development Plan is a tool for Teacher Self-Evaluation. Teachers are to complete a Beginning of the Year PDP: Goal Settingform which will be due within the first 45 days of school (or first 45 days of employment). The scores on this rubric aren’t tied to the teacher’s summative score, but provide an opportunity to become familiar with the Domains and the tasks required to fulfill the evaluation demands. There will be a Mid-Year PDP Review form, which is optional, and an End of the Year PDP Reflection form due by May 22, 2020.
  • Required Walkthrough #2 (Domains 2 & 3) is due by December 10, 2019. The scores captured on this form will NOT be included as part of the teacher’s summative score. This walkthrough is meant to provide actionable and timely feedback.
  • Required Walkthrough #3 (Domains 2 & 3) is due by May 8, 2020. The scores captured on this form will NOT be included as part of the teacher’s summative score. This walkthrough is meant to provide actionable and timely feedback.
  • Professional Responsibilities (Domain 1): Administrators will complete a Domain 1 Scoring Form and the Domain 1 Frontline Artifact Collection form by December 10, 2019 and finalize it by May 22, 2020. The teacher can review their scores and acknowledge the form. The observer should also provide actionable feedback to the teacher. The observer should schedule a time to share actionable feedback with the educator within ten days of completing the observation.
  • Domains 2 & 3 Observation: Teachers will submit a Pre-Observationform and Post-Observation Reflection form.Administrators will submit notes and scores for the observation due by May 8, 2020.
  • Professional Responsibilities (Domain 4): Administrators will submit a Scoring Form and Frontline Artifact Collection form due by May 8, 2020.
  • End of Year Summary Reflection is to be submitted as a self-reflection by the Teacher and there will also be an End of the Year Summary by the Evaluator due by May 8, 2020.

Rest assured, as soon as more information becomes available, your union will keep you in the know. ATF President Ellen Bernstein and AFT-NM President Stephanie Ly are both members of the Task Force and will push for fairness and meaningful feedback. You can bet that ATF will advocate for a just and equitable evaluation system for all certified educators in our on-going endeavor to build a world-class educational system in New Mexico.