APS Board Approves 2022-23 Salary Matrices!

The Albuquerque Teachers Federation (ATF) is pleased to announce that on Wednesday, July 7, the APS Board of Education voted unanimously to adopt the salary matrices negotiated by your union and the APS district for the 2022-23 School Year. The salary schedules will go into effect on the first paycheck of August.

The ATF President Ellen Bernstein, who is our union’s chief negotiator, said, “We’d like to thank the Board for taking this step to adopt the salary matrices that we worked throughout May and June to finalize with the APS negotiating team.”

Bernstein noted, “Approving the salary matrices before the contract changes are completed is an unprecedented action by the Board. The process of fully approving the Negotiated Agreement changes involves all licensed APS educators having the opportunity to vote on ratification of the proposals, and the Board voting to adopt the changes at a regular meeting where the union and district leadership present the whole package jointly. The salary matrices are only a part of the larger body of exciting contract changes to come.

“The ATF and APS negotiating teams are busy finishing talks this month. We feel our collaborative agreements will make very positive strides to better serve APS students while improving the working conditions of APS educators,” Bernstein added.

The ATF Leadership & Staff hope this historic raise improves the lives of educators and their families. The ATF wants to thank the New Mexico State Legislature and Governor Michelle Lujan-Grisham for making these raises possible. We also thank the APS Negotiating Team for their hard work calculating how we, as a union and district, could provide the best raises possible for all members of our bargaining unit.

This achievement is one more testament to the power of educators having a strong union. Not yet a member of your union? Stand in solidarity with your colleagues and friends to win the best pay and working/learning conditions. JOIN YOUR UNION TODAY!

Thank you to the ATF Negotiating Team:

President Ellen Bernstein

Executive Vice President Sean Thomas

E&RSE Vice President Angela Reynolds

High School Vice President Tanya Kuhnee

Middle School Vice President Sarah Hager

Elementary Vice President Loyola Cortinas

Elementary Vice President Sonya Romero Autrey

Membership & Involvement Vice President Dwayne Norris

ATF Staff Representative Jerry Thorn

Here’s a brief tutorial on how to find and calculate your salary for the 2022-23 School Year.

Find Your Salary Matrix by clicking here.

Reading Your Salary Matrix To Find Your New Salary Amount

  1. Identify the matrix that corresponds to your licensure level. Example: A Level 2 Teacher is on the A2 Schedule.
  1. Identify your current educational attainment level. Example: Level 2 Teacher with MA degree.
  1. Identify your step. Example: This teacher has completed 5 years of service and will be in her 6th year during SY 2022-23 = Step 6.
  1. This is the base salary for a Level 2 Teacher in her 6th year of service who holds MA degree= $60,726.

Calculating Your Pay for Working a 194-Day Schedule

Whether you’re an educator working in an Extended Learning Time Program (ELTP) school or you’re a member of one of the role groups from the former A3 schedule (Ed Diags, Transition Specialists, School Psychs, BCBAs), this is how to figure your additional 10 days of pay.

  1. Identify your base salary following the steps above. Example: Level 2 Teacher with MA on Step 6= $60,726
  2. Calculate your hourly pay. Divide your base salary by 1,196 (184 days x 6.5 hours/day). Example: $60,726/1,196=$50.77/hr.
  3. Multiply your hourly pay x 65 (10 days x 6.5 hours/day). This is your additional pay. Example: $50.77/hr. x 65 hours= $3,300.05
  4. Add your base salary + your additional pay. This is what you will be paid for 194 days. Example: $60,726 + $3,300= $64,026.

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