Extended Learning Time Clarification & Survey

In early April, APS sent out a message about the district’s intent to pursue the “Extended Learning Time” option defined in House Bill 5 and Senate Bill 1. These bills state that school districts are eligible for additional funding for Extended Learning Time that includes:

  1. A minimum of one hundred ninety instructional days per school year.
  2. After-school program opportunities for academic learning or extracurricular enrichment.
  3. A minimum of eighty non-instructional hours per school year of professional development for instructional staff.

There was a great deal of concern from our members about this news. While we await details, the most realistic scenario will be that the limited funding APS receives will lead to a prioritization of schools that will be offered this Extended Learning opportunity on a voluntary basis. As always, we’ll update you as more information becomes available.

More recently, you should have received a one question survey from APS asking your opinion about whether or not you would like to see the school year lengthened next academic year. The survey is important to fill out. We are encouraging all schools to have quick emergency staff meeting in order to gauge interest in Extended Learning Programs. Click here to see details about Extended Learning and share this resource with your colleagues as you engage around this issue.

Extended Learning Survey Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WKHMDRZ

For clarification, this survey is not binding and will not dictate whether or not Extended Learning happens at your school.