ATF Union News Issue #8: Our Professional Firewall

Read the full ATF Union News Issue #8: Our Professional Firewall here.

Our Professional Firewall

At school boards, in state legislatures, and even in the U.S. House of Representatives, there are too many people with too many bad ideas that would harm public education and the people who provide it.

You’ve seen it elsewhere, in the form of “Don’t Say Gay” legislation, book bans, and making “critical race theory” a catch-all receptacle for any genuine history they don’t like.

It hasn’t happened here in Albuquerque, however — and the biggest reason why is YOU. Our members, activists and leaders have stepped up. You are the professional firewall that prevents the culture wars from taking root in our state and in our district.

This is a time to celebrate those victories. As is our tradition, the final ATF newsletter of the school year is a shoutout to our Fed Reps and members who volunteer their time and expertise to protect and preserve the integrity of public education. It’s you who keeps our union strong by defending our contractual rights and freedom to teach. You make sure our students learn in engaging classrooms. You communicate the needs of your staff to your administrator. You expand our numbers and bolster our strength. You stop those who would undermine what we believe in as union educators.

We don’t know what fight will come next, but we know we will be ready. Engaged, active members will win the day — every day.

Thank you all!

ATF President Ellen Bernstein

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