ATF Fed Reps Endorse Candidates in 2024 Primary

Albuquerque Teachers Federation Representative Council

Endorses Candidates in 2024 Legislative Primary Elections


Dr. Ellen Bernstein, ATF President



April 12, 2024

ALBUQUERQUE – The Albuquerque Teachers Federation (ATF) Representative Council voted on Tuesday, April 9, to accept legislative candidate endorsements recommended by the ATF-Unified Committee on Political Education (COPE) for the primary election which will be held June 4, 2024. The ATF–Unified COPE committee consists of union members from ATF, the Albuquerque Federation of Classified Professionals (AFCP), United Academics-UNM (UA-UNM), and the AFT NM Retirees.

The ATF-Unified COPE vetted legislative candidates in the 21 House and 12 Senate districts that represent Bernalillo County. All candidates who filed for these offices received questionnaires which were used to consider endorsement. Every non-incumbent who completed a questionnaire and requested an interview was granted one. The committee, in the spirit of equity and fairness, asked the same questions of each candidate.

Endorsements are made based on the candidates’ positions on public education and labor and workers’ rights issues as expressed through their answers to the questionnaire and demonstrated through prior community action or professional accomplishments. Incumbent endorsements are based on past voting records and answers to their questionnaires. All endorsement recommendations are debated and evaluated by the ATF Federation Representative Council which is composed of democratically elected school site and role group leaders.

“The ATF-Unified COPE uses a rigorous process that assures the candidates we endorse share the values of unionized educators,” said ATF President Ellen Bernstein. “We are confident that the candidates our Federation Representatives voted to endorse will act in the best interests of the educators and students in our public schools.”

The ATF Federation Representative Council endorses the following candidates in the 2024 Legislative Primary Election.

Senate District 10Katy Duhigg (Incumbent)
Senate District 11Linda Lopez (Incumbent)


Senate District 13Debbie O’Malley


Senate District 14Michael Padilla (Incumbent)
Senate District 18*Natalie Figueroa


Senate District 21Athena Christodoulou
Senate District 23Harold Pope (Incumbent)
Senate District 26Antonio “Moe” Maestas (Incumbent)


 House of Representatives
House District 10*G. Andrés Romero (Incumbent)
House District 11Javier Martinez (Incumbent)


House District 13Patricia Roybal Caballero (Incumbent)


House District 14*Miguel Garcia (Incumbent)


House District 15Day Hochman-Vigil (Incumbent)
House District 16*Yanira Gurrola Valenzuela (Incumbent)
House District 18Anjali Taneja


House District 19Janelle Anyanonu (Incumbent)


House District 21*Debbie Sariñana (Incumbent)
House District 24*Liz Thomson (Incumbent)


House District 25Cristina Parajon (Incumbent)


House District 26Eleanor Chavez (Incumbent)


House District 27Greg Seeley


House District 28Pamelya Herndon (Incumbent)


House District 29*Joy Garratt (Incumbent)


House District 30*Diane Torres-Velasquez
House District 31Vicky Estrada-Bustillo
House District 68Charlotte Little (Incumbent)

*Denotes current, retired, or former ATF or AFT-NM member.


The following incumbents did not return a questionnaire. Therefore, they are not eligible for endorsement in the primary election. Antoinette Sedillo-Lopez (SD 16), *Mimi Stewart (SD 17), Martin Hickey (SD 20), Art De La Cruz (HD 12), Meredith Dixon (HD 20), Marian Matthews (HD 27).

The ATF-Unified COPE Committee chose not to endorse in SD 15, HD 17 and HD 20.


The ATF-Unified COPE interview committee consisted of Cheryl Haase and James Macklin of ATF, Sara Attleson of AFT-NM retirees, Lisa Rogers and Brenda Frayer of AFCP, and Laura Haniford of UA-UNM. Thanks to Deena Burnett for keeping us organized and to John Dyrcz, State Affiliate Political Organizer AFT-NM, for his guidance.

This election cycle, ATF-Unified COPE will award two-tiers of endorsements. They are described below:

ATF-Unified COPE Education Ally: This is a legislator/candidate who consistently uses their vote to support public education, labor, and pro-worker legislation, or is a candidate who shares our values, as expressed through this questionnaire.

ATF-Unified COPE Education Champion: This is a legislator/candidate who consistently and pro-actively speaks up for ATF-Unified COPE-supported legislation, sponsors/co-sponsors ATF-Unified COPE-supported legislation, and/or pro-actively uses their office to carry pro-public education, labor, or worker rights legislation, or is a candidate who shares our values, as expressed through this questionnaire and demonstrated through prior community action or professional accomplishments.


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