ATF Members Featured in More Perfect Union Video

Everyone knows there is a staffing crisis in education. From classroom teachers to therapists to custodial and cafeteria staff, our public schools are in need of investment. That’s why the Albuquerque Teachers Federation and AFT New Mexico launched our 3 Rs Campaign calling for legislators to take action to Respect, Recruit, and Retain educators to fill all the jobs that make our schools great places for students to learn and grow. It all starts with making those schools great places for educators to work.

Meanwhile, some lawmakers are spinning their wheels and fearmongering by constantly referencing the phantom of “critical race theory” in an effort to demonize educators and our unions. They seek to censor educators’ ability to teach truth which further alienates us from our profession.

At our February Fed Rep Council meeting, a group of ATF Fed Reps volunteered to interview with More Perfect Union focusing on the need for pay raises in any effort to recruit and retain educators in New Mexico and across the country.

More Perfect Union released the final video shining a spotlight on the promising raises for educators currently included in the state budget and our state’s dedication to teaching real history. You can watch the video here:

Thank you, ATF Executive VP Sean Thomas, Middle School VP Sarah Hager, Elementary VP Loyola Cortinas, McKinley MS Fed Rep (and former VP) Jason Krosinsky, and AFT NM Political Officer John Dyrcz for representing our union so well.

Learn more about More Perfect Union here.

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