New Teacher Orientation @ Del Norte HS: Friday, July 28th!

New Teacher Orientation Is Back & In-Person!

It’s that time of year again! New Teacher Orientation will take place 8am-12:00pm on Friday, July 28th at Del Norte High School (5323 Montgomery Blvd. NE). Your union and district are thrilled to host this event!

Every year, the Albuquerque Teachers Federation (ATF) and APS welcome new educators to our district by offering great professional development courses to help you start your year off right. New educators also have the opportunity to “shop” our Educator’s Emporium for gently-used resources to set up their classrooms.

At this event, you will:

  • Learn about your union and your rights as an APS employee.
  • Take practical classes taught by experienced educators to get your year off to a great start!
  • Learn more about the APS/ATF mentor program for new educators!
  • Meet your Superintendent, Scott Elder, and your Union President, Dr. Ellen Bernstein
  • After 12pm, “shop” at the ATF Educators’ Emporium for FREE teaching & classroom materials donated by veteran educators! We collect high-quality materials from retirees and folks who’ve cleaned out their classrooms and make them available for our new educators.
  • Be eligible to win great prizes donated by local businesses.
  • Have great snacks and coffee.

Here are brief summaries of the classes we are offering this year.

  • Your Restorative Classroom- Successful Practical Classroom Management Techniques: This session will focus on building student consensus on rules and procedures and how to set up your classroom for maximum student buy-in. We will address how to create positive learning environments to best fit the needs of your students.
  • Navigating APS Technology: This session will include how to log into the basic systems set up within APS to include Synergy, sub services, attendance, Google Classroom as well as how to navigate your new email system.
  • Know Your Rights: APS employees are very fortunate to have many rights  guaranteed to them in the APS/ATF Negotiated Agreement. Learn about some of your basic rights like protected prep time, class sizes, a site-based mentor and more.

If you are an APS educator in your 1st or 2nd year working in our public schools, sign up for New Teacher Orientation by calling the ATF Office at 262-2657 or sending an email to

If you’re an ATF member who would like to volunteer to help us with New Teacher Orientation, please sign up here.

Your union, the Albuquerque Teachers Federation, is dedicated to advancing the education profession and fighting for our public schools. Be a part of making APS a great place to work and learn. JOIN YOUR UNION TODAY!

See you at the New Teacher Orientation!


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