Fed Reps Pass Resolutions Against White Supremacy & for Full Funding of the Census

On October 3rd, Fed Reps voted in favor of two resolutions: one condemning white supremacy in all of its forms, and the other to fully fund the 2020 Census. The first motion declares that the Albuquerque Teachers Federation “will partner with and support our allied community organizations and elected officials standing against hate groups and white supremacy.”

The other resolution that passed on October 3rd was to support New Mexico Voices for Children in its effort to advocate for full funding of the 2020 Census. The Trump Administration has requested a dramatic cut in the Census budget. Additionally, proposed legislation requiring individuals to indicate their citizenship status could severely distort the accuracy of the Census for political and ethno-nationalist reasons.

What this distortion and lowered Census funding could mean for New Mexico is a significant reduction of the more than $6.2 billion in federal funding for programs such SNAP, Head Start, the school lunch program, Title I programs, Medicare, and housing programs. This could also dramatically change voting districts and have the effect of discriminating against areas with large populations of historically marginalized populations.