House Bill 2 & What it Means for Raises

Many bills are flying through the Legislature, several having to do with pay for educators. Arguably, the most important bill of the session is “the budget,” which is always labeled as House Bill 2 (HB 2).

When HB 2 is introduced at the beginning of the Legislative session, the text within the bill itself is almost non-existent. That’s because the budget is built as the session progresses. As some bills move forward in the legislative process, others die out and depending on the political will of the legislators, some projects get funded (and added to the budget/HB 2) while others do not.

At the end of February, HB 2 passed the House of Representatives. The funding that was allocated to public education included $500 million of new money flowing into our districts, including the following raises for teachers:

Current Minimums in HB2 % Change
$36,000 $41,000 13.9%
$44,000 $50,000 13.6%
$54,000 $60,000 11.1%

The above raises are for the current number of contracted work days (184). There are other bills on the table calling for more non-instructional work days that would simultaneously raise teacher 3-Tier salary minimums to 45K, 55K and 65K. They are not currently reflected in the budget that passed the House.

The money allocated in HB 2 is only marked for classroom teacher raises. Equal raises for Support & Related employees are pending passage of HB 446. We are working with the bill sponsor and former ATF member, Representative Liz Thomson, to pass HB 446 so that we can put an end to the constant struggle of negotiating equal raises for Support and Related. HB 446 will finally enshrine a Support & Related 3-Tier System in law, and thus, funded by the State. As we look forward to improving public education in our state, respecting Support & Related Service Personnel as equal professionals should be part of the education moonshot.