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ATF COPE Celebrates Victories In 2020 Legislative Races!

Thank you, ATF volunteers, for all of your hard work to keep pro-public education and pro-labor friends in Santa Fe!

Make September Labor Month: Teach the Power and History of Unionism!

It would be impossible to list accomplishments more important in the everyday lives of working people

Students in the Center: A Project of the Albuquerque Teachers Federation

Students in the Center: a cadre of educational professionals who will work throughout this year to support you and your students.

APS Educators Vote To Ratify the 2020-21 Changes To the Negotiated Agreement!

Educators in the Albuquerque Teachers Federation (ATF) Bargaining Unit voted 96.1% FOR the 2020-2021 changes to our APS/ATF Negotiated Agreement.

ATF Hybrid Schooling: What Do You Want To Do? – Survey Results

Continuing remote learning now can help control the spread of the virus and lead to fully re-opening our schools as soon as possible.

How to Ignite Learning, Buffer Stress and Promote Resilience

Every educator is facing an unprecedented challenge this fall. AFT has partnered with Turnaround for Children with strategies to help every student.
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