ATF Members: We Need Your Input on the NM PED Reentry Guidance!

Dear ATF Members,

We have gathered hundreds of comments and questions from APS educators about NMPED’s Re-entry Guidance document. We have prepared the statement below to reflect your concerns. What is your opinion about the statement? We all want to go back to work and interact with our students, but we must return to work safely. We need time to prepare for our students and ensure the safety of all of our staff and students. Please read this proposed statement and respond to our survey by 5:00pm on Wednesday, July 8th. Click here.


As educators we know that real school is best for students.

We all want to return to real school.

However, real school has to be really safe for all staff and every student.

We do not believe that the current data supports a safe return to in-person schooling in early August.

We, the members of the Albuquerque Teachers Federation, propose the following:

·      Start school on the original start date in August for all staff.

·      Delay in-person schooling for students until after Labor Day.

·      Start the hybrid model for students on September 8th if the data indicates that it is safe.

During the first month of school we will:

·      Engage in virtual home visits in order to establish a relationship with students and their guardians/parents.

·      Assess what supports the students/families need in order to successfully engage in online learning.

·      Distribute technology and establish in-home broadband hot spots for all families and staff.

·      Learn more and develop expertise in online learning.

·      Collaborate with our peers to develop engaging age-appropriate online learning lesson plans.

·      Coordinate with fellow educators who share students in the same family to establish workable schedules for online learning.

·      Coordinate with administration and bus drivers to ensure families have the same school schedule when we return.

·      Work with site administrators to create an appropriate schedule for September that takes into consideration the complexity of High School and Middle School course needs that purposefully includes an advisory period that supports each students’ social emotional learning.

·      Work with community partners to assess the day-care needs of every family.

·      Coordinate the daycare needs for our own (educators’) children.

·      Rearrange each classroom and school to ensure social distancing is possible.

·      Work with our district to identify bathrooms and other school facilities that are out of date or broken and do not support current cleaning and safely guidelines.

·      Work with the district to conduct a survey of all employees in order to determine who may be at-risk because of age and/or preexisting conditions, ensure that they have an appropriately safe position within the district so that we do not suffer mass retirements, and ensure that parents have choices for their online learning beyond September, and provide online learning for medically fragile students.

·      Develop school-based plans for lunches, specials, etc.

·      Order and receive the appropriate PPE for all staff and every student.

·      Teach… and more!

We have already demonstrated that educators will rise to any challenge, but we must return only when it is safe. Solidarity forever! Take the survey here.


NM PED released their Reentry Guidance document on 6/23/20)! ​ We know this document will provoke many questions about how these guidelines will work in the reality of our jobs, schools and across our district. You can download the complete NMPED Reentry Guidance document here.

Solidarity is more crucial now than ever. We will continue to work together to get through these trying times. Not yet a member? Join your union today!