Fed Rep of the Year Nominations Open!

ATF Members, please nominate a Federation Representative for the honor of ATF Fed Rep of the Year! It can be your school’s Fed Rep, or another excellent rep you know. The ATF Executive Council will consider all nominations and make a final determination, to be announced at our Annual Fed Rep Appreciation Dinner.

Considerations of the ATF Executive Council selection committee:

  • Attendance at Fed Rep Council Meetings
  • Recruitment of new members
  • Participation in leadership activities
  • Contract language knowledge
  • Volunteerism/activism

*ATF Executive Council members are not eligible for Fed Rep of the Year.

Members can submit nominations on our website (atfunion.org) through the “Fed Rep of the Year Nominations Open!” story on our homepage, emailing the form to dwayne@atfunion.org, or by sending the form back via Interschool Mail to Dwayne at “ATF Office” no later than April 8, 2020.

Click here to submit your nomination! 

Click here to download the flyer/form