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The Albuquerque Teachers Federation is a professional, progressive union that believes it is our role to provide licensed teachers and Essential and Related Service Educators with the support they need to advance in their profession. 

ATF offers a variety of professional development and support opportunities designed to help you progress from the day you get hired until the day you retire. 


Dossier Support

The Albuquerque Teachers Federation provides support for teachers and librarians writing the Professional Development Dossier (PDD) from start to finish. Programs include:

The Albuquerque Teachers Federation provides support for teachers and librarians writing the Professional Development Dossier (PDD) from start to finish. Programs include: 

PDD Overview Session 

The PDD overview session explains the various parts of the PDD in detail. It is recommended for all PDD candidates and is a prerequisite for the Dossier Writing Workshop. Overview sessions are scheduled from 4:30 pm -7:00 pm 

Cost: Members $10 Non Members $65 

Teachers request a reader to read their completed dossier before submission. Written feedback is received within 7 days after your dossier reader has been scheduled. All work is online. Individual reading requests must be received no later than April 30, 2023. 

Cost: Members $100 Non Members $200 

Submitted your dossier and had one or more strands that didn’t pass? Take advantage of our PDD Resubmission Reading service and have your dossier strands read and reviewed before resubmitting. You’ll receive written feedback 7 days after your scheduled reading date, and your PDD will be read a second time. All work is online. Resubmission reading requests must be received no later than April 30, 2023. 

Cost: Members $100 Non Members $200 

This 3-part series provides qualified PDD instructor-led classes that focus on the content writing required of Strands A, B and C of the PDD. 

Each session starts with a mini lesson focusing on one strand. The remainder of the 2- hour block is spent writing, with the instructor available to provide support, suggestions, and feedback. 

Prerequisite: Participants must attend a PDD overview prior to registering. 

Dossier Writing Workshop Dates 

Cost: Members$90/series

Non Members $180/series 


Most teachers and librarians will need to successfully complete the dossier to advance in the New Mexico 3-Tiered licensure system. 

Level 1 teachers must successfully complete their dossier between their third and fifth year of teaching in order to receive their Level 2 license. Failure to pass the dossier by the end of the fifth year on Level 1 will result in a non-renewal of license. 

Teachers who have a Master’s degree and have held a Level 2 license for at least 3 years can opt to complete a second Professional Development Dossier to move to Level 3. Level 2 teachers can also choose to pursue National Board Certification, with or without a Master’s, to move to Level 3. 

The submission window is from July 15-May 15 for initial submissions, and July 15- June 1 for resubmissions. Reading requests must be received no later than April 30. 

Direct Dossier questions to 

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PDD Individual Reading Request

Dossier Support Events

National Board Certification Support

Thanks to our support program, APS is one of the top districts in the nation for the number of Board-Certified teachers. Since 2001, our program has supported hundreds of teachers by providing seminars to assist in passing the rigorous national boards certification process. The Albuquerque Teachers Federation provides support for educators wishing to become Nationally Board Certified. Programs include: 

Learn general information about National Board Certification including submission timeline, component cost, and the amount of work needed to become a National Board Certified teacher. 

Informational Meeting Dates 

Cost: Free 

Provides support for first time and retake candidates. Class will delve into the underlying principles and beliefs of accomplished teaching and how this is reflected in the National Board required components. Class is recommended as a prerequisite for all other Component classes. 

Foundation Classes 

Cost: Members $75 Non-Members $100 

Focuses on a deep dive of the specific requirements for understanding and writing components 2, 3 & 4. Recommended prerequisite: Foundations Class. 

Cost:  Members $75  Non-Members $100 

Sessions provides a deep dive into specific content standards in order to prepare candidates for the digital testing experience. Class topics will help prepare candidates for completion of three constructed response exercises and approximately 45 selected response items. 

Cost: Members $75 Non-Members $100 

This class focuses on the requirements and planning for the Maintenance of Certification, which candidates must complete every 5 years in order to maintain their certification. 

Cost: Member $75  Non-Members $100 

This is a 3-part series for anyone completing Component 2, 3, or 4 of initial certification or MOC. Each session will start with Mini Lesson focused on writing for National Boards. The remainder of the 2-hour block is spent writing, with the instructor available to provide support, suggestions and feedback. 

Cost:  Members $125 for all three sessions Non-Members $150 for all three sessions 

Candidates for initial certification and MOC can request individual readings of components 2, 3, 4 or MOC. Fee includes 2 readings, once with feedback and then again after corrections are made. 

Cost: Member $75 per component Non-Members $100 per component 

Direct National Board questions to 

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National Board Certification
Support Events

Educator Focused Conversations

The ATF Educator Focused Conversations cadre invites our fellow educators to join us in conversations that focus on a range of current educational issues that intersect with Social Emotional Learning, such as restorative practices, educator self-care, community building, equity, and trauma. 

Bring your successes and challenges so that we can all learn from each other as we move through another year of learning. 


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Educator Focused Conversations

Relational Classroom Management

Are you finding yourself completely flabbergasted with managing behaviors? You’re not alone and we’re here to help! Regardless of the challenges you are having, we focus on helping students develop pro-social behavior and fundamental life skills.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Students won’t put cell phones away
  • Students aren’t responding to reinforcements and consequences
  • Students are breaking down
  • Students are not engaged or participating
  • Students pushing every boundary they can and more


We have evidence-based practices and strategies that can help bring your classroom back. Regardless of the challenges you are having we focus on helping students develop pro-social behavior and fundamental life skills, including:

  • Recognizing and managing emotions
  • Developing caring and concern for others
  • Establishing positive relationships
  • Making responsible decisions
  • Handling challenging situations constructively and ethically


Cost: $15.00 Members and $25.00 Non-member

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Relational Classroom Management

Breathe for Change

Make your well being a priority and join Tracy Nichols, Teacher-Librarian, for a blissful hour of SEL…for you! Educators, your social and emotional wellness correlates directly with your students’ welfare. The “Breathe For Change” program sets out to put educators’ health and wellness at the center by providing amazingly effective strategies to improve wellbeing. Participants will leave with a greater sense of well-being, as well as a toolkit of SEL techniques and games you can easily incorporate in the classroom.

September 8 4:30-5:30 – Harmony will be the theme of the September 8th session, and participants will help co-create themes for future sessions. Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing and to bring some creative supplies (journals, markers, pens, paints, clay, etc).

Cost: $5 Members  $10  Non-Members


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Breathe for Change