Save Hawthorne Elementary!

As many of you know, the PED has mandated that Hawthorne Elementary must be a “champion choice” school or close its doors. In Chris Ruszkowski’s coded language, this means they want the students from Hawthorne to flee to charter schools, possibly resulting in the closure of Hawthorne, their neighborhood school. In addition, the PED is attempting to replace the staff at Hawthorne with teachers who have a “multi-year” track record of being rated “Highly Effective” or “Exemplary,” forcing arbitrary transfers.

The ATF Save Our Schools Committee calls on all educators & community members to be ready to spring into action when a rapid response is needed.

Save Hawthorne Picket Sign Making

Monday, May 14


ATF Office, 530 Jefferson St. NE, 87108

ATF will provide all posters, paint, markers, etc.

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