Science Is Real. A Campaign by ATF and AFT NM

Dear colleagues,

As you may be aware, the PED has altered the Next Generation Science Standards to omit critical, research-based facts about science- including global warming and evolution. The PED, under the direction of Acting-Secretary of Education, Chris Ruszkowski, has decided to hold the public information hearings on a school day, when educators cannot physically be there. Together with your help, as a union, we are taking action.

1. Sign our collective letter and add your expertise. We need thousands of educators to submit your testimony to add it to the official record on your behalf when we go to Santa Fe to testify.  Add your comments to our collective letter »

2. Calling all science teachers! We need your knowledge base. Help us write a letter to the PED that will be creatively illustrated & filmed. Email act@atfunion to help, or stop by the union (530 Jefferson St NE) this Thursday, October 5 at 4:30pm to meet up with your colleagues.

3. Calling all art teachers or educators with artistic abilities! We need your help creating the visuals for the video we’re going to shoot and send to the PED. Email if you’re interested or come to the union (530 Jefferson St NE, 81708) this Friday, October 6 at 4:30pm.

4. Calling folks (media arts/drama teachers!) willing to help out with making the video/ appearing in the video. Do you have expertise in filming? Animation? Editing? Know about lighting? Backdrops? Do you have professional equipment we can use? Do you want to be filmed?  Email and save the date: Monday, October 9 at 4:30pm at the union building, 530 Jefferson St. NE, 87108.

Thank you for taking action to ensure that our students have access to real science and thank you for acting on behalf of your profession. Your testimony will help ensure that educator voices throughout the state are heard on this important matter.

In solidarity,