Science is Real Videos & Ruszkowski’s “Changes”…Round Two


American Federation of Teachers New Mexico
and the Albuquerque Teachers Federation
React to Second Round of Proposed Changes to Science Standards
Secretary-Designate Claims Changes Reflect Public Input; Won’t Disclose Authors

Albuquerque – American Federation of Teachers New Mexico President Stephanie Ly and Albuquerque Teachers Federation President Ellen Bernstein released the following statements:

“Secretary-Designate Christopher Ruszkowski’s late-night announcement of a second round of changes to New Mexico’s science standards still fails to meet the demands of 21st century science education, and jeopardizes New Mexico’s students and schools.

“With Mr. Ruszkowski opting to remove only the two or three most egregious proposals, he is attempting to distract New Mexicans from the fact his proposed standards still are overly burdensome for educators and students, and his kowtowing to the fossil fuel industry in our State. Additionally, Mr. Ruszkowski still refuses to disclose who exactly contributed the proposed changes, depriving New Mexicans from knowing who is influencing education in our State.

“Had the Secretary-Designate actually been listening to the hundreds of educators, scientists, students, and concerned New Mexicans who traveled to Santa Fe to participate in the State-mandated public hearing, and the thousands more who signed petitions protesting these so-called ‘New Mexico STEM-Ready’ science standards, he would have simply adopted the Next Generation Science Standards, as written, and stopped the politicization of our curriculum,” said Ly.

“I consider the changes from the acting PED Secretary to be minimally effective,” said Bernstein.