Student Debt Clinics Return!

Albuquerque Teachers Federation will host Student Loan Debt Clinics this month on two back-to-back dates: Tuesday, September 17th and Wednesday, September 18th. Both have 4:30pm start times. The American Federation of Teachers-created clinics will be facilitated by local union members. The purpose of the clinic is to inform ATF members about options for loan repayment and forgiveness.

“We know that student loan debt is a huge concern for our members,” said ATF President Ellen Bernstein. “Helping our members with their student loan debt is union work.”

A study conducted by our national union, the American Federation of Teachers, reported that AFT members are increasingly losing sleep over their student loans; they’ve made decisions between buying groceries and paying medical expenses or paying off their loan debt. Dozens have even reported thoughts of suicide.

Our union is doing our part to help alleviate some of the stress.

Participants in the ATF Student Loan Debt Clinic have left with a renewed sense of hope after receiving clear information from our trainers. The debunking of loan myths and common misconceptions coupled with clear guidance from our trainers has set members on a path to loan forgiveness.

Our ATF Student Loan Debt Clinics are for ATF members only. This is just one of the many benefits of union membership. If you are not a member of ATF, join now.

To register for one of the debt clinics, click here. Select “NEW MEXICO: Albuquerque Teachers Federation 09/17/2019” or “NEW MEXICO: Albuquerque Teachers Federation 09/18/2019” from the drop down menu.